Truth Revolution

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Truth Revolution

© 2014, 2020 J. Mark Witters

Truth revolution, no exclusion. Strong premonition, anybody listenin’?
Liars-in-charge, living so large. The crime of all time-take every dime.
Wordly gain, spiritual pain. Driven insane on the fruited plain.
Games of chance, the latest dance. Cast their fate to those who hate.

Truth revolution, perfect solution. Individual salvation, or death of a nation.
Cerebral starvation, or self-celebration. Make the decision to end the division.
Deliberate action, self-satisfaction. Celebate fury. Judge and the jury.
Literate masses, no free passes. Choose not to gaze through rose-colored glasses…

Truth revolution, trumps the confusion. Gross simulation, over salivation.
Get a grip on he who cracks the whip, right the ship, there’s enough of us blips.
Fevered worker, not a shirker. Just a tool, someone’s mule.
Rose above it, learned to love it. Wound up so tight, but won’t take flight.

Truth revolution, heals pollution. illumination of the intricate illustration.
Worldly power starts to sour. Faith of a mustard seed is all you need.
Brand new day, lead the way. Pray for wisdom, ask for vision.
Tides have turned. When will we learn? Nightmare’s done, walk don’t

Skyypilot’s “Truth Revolution” on the “2020-Later That Year” album.

© 2020 J. Mark Witters Skyypilot Media

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