Skyypilot- Composition- Production of “Unforgotten”- (Part 7)

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Skyypilot- Composition- Production of “Unforgotten”– (Part 7)

In Part 7, we’ll cover:

  • Creating Wav and MIDI files in Finale 25.5
  • Removing Unneeded  Clips
  • Importing Wav and Midi Files to Waveform 9
  • Adding Plugins
  • Freezing Tracks and Playback of results so far.

Creating Wav and Midi Files in Finale

Starting  Part 7, let’s create Wav and Midi files in Finale.  Then, we can import these files into Waveform and use them. Select Export, then Audio file.  Put it into the project folder so we can locate it easily.  Next, select Export, Midi file and Save Midi Files as Separate Tracks, then OK.

Removing Unneeded Clips

The basic sketch tracks we started are now unneeded.  Out they go, and are hereby replaced with the Finale midi score!  They came in handy, but their usefulness is just a fond memory… Remove the sketch clips by selecting then hitting backspace.  This removes the clip and not the track  shell itself.

Importing Wav and Midi Files in Waveform

Now,  we will import both Wav and Midi files we wrote into Waveform.  First, let’s go to the bottom of tracks listed,  and add additional tracks by going to the tracks listing on menu, check Add  Several Tracks, and add 16 tracks. Then, add 10 more the same way.  This should suffice for now.

Go to the Import Menu, choose Import Audio/Midi and pick the Wav file we made from the Finale score.  Check to make sure it lines up with what we have in Waveform thus far.

Next, let’s import the midi file from the same Import menu.  It will ask if you want to  “Import tempo and time signature changes  from the midi clip”.  Just Ignore because things  stayed the same throughout.  It will ask “Convert to Expression or Separate Clips”  Pick Separate Clips”.

Once the tracks are added, check each added part for the midi channel and drag and drop each to its corresponding track. ( I changed a couple of instruments from the original Sample Tank 3  multi setting while working in Finale, so I saved it as “Unforgotten Waveform”. )


Adding Plugins

I wanted to add a second drum effects bus to the Drum-Percussion Submix, so I added a Aux Send to that Submix and assigned it to the second bus (#2).  Punch “T” and add a Aux Return (#2) to the new track.  Now, we’ll designate the Waves H-Reverb and the Flutterdrum  setting. Adjust the rest of the Drum-Percussion Submix again with the added reverb.

In the Finale orchestration, I added 5 additional staves, so chose four different plugins- Zebralette (Free Plugin from u-he),  Tyrell N6 (also from u-he),  Waverazor (from Tracktion), and Collective (comes with Waveform 9).  I made selection of the instruments for each (the Waverazor is on two tracks, one written, one played).

Freezing Tracks and Playback of Results so Far…

I had to freeze tracks to save enough computing for playback and recording the video.  Select Track 1.  Now, Hit shift/control and Track 54, choosing all tracks.  In the Properties section at the bottom, pick Freeze Tracks.   I, then want to play what is down so far, so here goes…  See you in Part 8!

Author’s Note:  I have received no compensation for products mentioned in this article.

© 2018 J Mark Witters

Harness The Awesomeness of YouTube!

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Harness the Awesomeness of YouTube!

Howlin Wolf

Okay, YouTube had a minor glitch  yesterday.  I mowed my lawn while it was being fixed. Next, it was back up and I could once again do my thing.  Just the afternoon before, Beth and I listened to two hours of the Best of Howlin Wolf while blogging, and such.

Born Chester Arthur Burnett, Howlin Wolf wrote and performed many of the all-time blues classics.  “Smokestack Lightning”, “Killing Floor”, “Spoonful”, and so many of  Wolf’s songs were a huge influence on 1960″s rock music.   I was introduced to his song “Spoonful” on the Cream “Wheels of Fire” album- my very first!  Hubert Sumlin was his long-time smokin’ guitarist, and the cornerstone of his band.  This is must-hear music!

My Skyypilot YouTube Channel

I (along with many, many more) have started a YouTube in the past year.  Making videos (and blogging, for that matter) seemed like the furthest thing from my mind.  Now, I see that it’s something that very much interests me, so off I go.

In my still-in-progress  video series- “Skyypilot-The Composition and Production of Unforgotten“,  I had some questions about time stretching on my new Waveform 9 recording software.  Tracktion has a YouTube channel with a tutorial on Waveform 9 Time Stretching . Problem solved.

Also, with YouTube, you may upload and edit selections, make playlists, etc in the Creator Studio section.  It’s a great platform and it’s free!

Any time I look for a technical solution, I search YouTube for videos, and most of the time, I can find it.

Favorite Channels

Below are some of my favorite YouTube channels for both information and entertainment.  These are all completely unsolicited:

  • Think Media – Great tips and tricks for online video.
  • Aimee Nolte Music – Clever, informative tutorials/reviews, personal stories, and live concerts from gifted jazz artist.
  • Munrows Retro – Well-crafted music videos from songs of decades past.
  • Thebestdream I Had – Looking for groups from the 60’s that you did’t know existed?  They’re here…
  • David Hoffman – Fascinating clips from the amazing, prolific documentary film maker.

In all, YouTube is empowering a many people to do many things that were unthinkable a couple of short years ago.  It’s an exciting time to be alive!

© 2018 J. Mark Witters