Projection and Violence

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Projection and Violence

I seem to be writing about topical events instead of music lately. Today, it’s about projection and violence.

Why did I veer this direction? The sad truth is that unless we make the truth known, we will be fully enslaved by evil. Music employing free thought simply won’t be allowed to exist (nor this blog). We’ve seen it coming, but don’t want to admit it. It’s here. Without free expression, art is dead.


Projection is a method used successfully for many years. It’s simple- just blame your accusers of the crimes you commit before they accuse you. When you have the mockingbird networks/social media as an echo chamber, it works handily.

If you cheat in an election, just deny the evidence a day in court and say it doesn’t exist. Anything other than total submission gets you charged with sedition-exactly what they are doing. Also, the propaganda press will surely render them victorious.

If they succeed, we will never be free of their “rule”. We will never get to voice our opinion. Choice will not exist, nor individual freedom. Is that what you want to pass on to your children and grandchildren?

It’s time for truth and justice. It’s time to pray for that to happen.


I want to be on the record to state that violence is never the answer. No matter what happens, I have to trust that God has the answer.

Martin Luther King was one of the bravest men ever. He knew that people were coming for him, but kept on, trusting the Lord for direction. He believed in non-violence. He led all people to a higher calling; inspiration for success.

I may be unhappy at things swirling around now, but can’t accept violence to achieve whatever result I should hope for. I trust God for the answer.

P.S.– I got three interesting links from for those who still don’t believe there was cheating in 2020:


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Everything You Know Is Wrong

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Everything You Know Is Wrong

In 1974, the surreal comedy group known as The Firesign Theatre released an album entitled “Everything You Know Is Wrong“. That phrase came back to me the other day and I thought, “How true!” I look back at all the “facts” we’ve been shoveled over the years, and wonder how we so willingly accepted them.

We are in the post-modern era of everything having multiple meanings, turned upside-down, mocked, threatened, and destroyed- to what end? It’s called chaos. The agents of change will usher in a totalitarian socialist state that will degenerate into another Venezuela. A chaotic atmosphere in which the average citizen is just trying to survive is ideal for that operation. Dissenters will be liquidated.

Emotion and Violence As “Tools”

Since they’re short on facts, the socialist left rely on emotion and violence as “tools”. Take the mass-shootings… How long before the first body falls does it take for them to demand taking law-abiding citizens guns? The Second Amendment to our Constitution states ” A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” What part of “not be infringed” do they not understand? Criminals will always have access to guns; so will the government. Who protects the law-abiding tax-paying citizen from them?

So far in 2019, more children have died in hot cars than shootings. This means we ban cars, right? Violent crime has dropped sharply in the last 25 years. Politicians play on emotion to grab total power over their perceived “subjects”. Once you give it up, you’ll never get it back. Think about it.

“We have the violence tool if all else fails,” the socialist elite surmise. They use it with gleeful abandon of all decency. Antifa- which is really anti-free speech -attack the most vulnerable at will. That’s what a terrorist does, right? The leftists will not condemn them, thus indirectly endorsing the violence. The ends justify the means? They are terrorists.

We have been (and are being) lied to. The socialist-drunk “rulers” love their power more than their own country. Their constituents are nothing but identity-cast slaves- a slush fund.


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Conspiracy Theory

Are You Still Here?

Are you still here? Most aren’t after reading the words “conspiracy theory” because we have all been conditioned by the “mockingbird media” and their 4 AM talking points. (Notice how they all same the same exact thing?) I don’t believe ANYTHING until I research it. Don’t let others dictate to you if it’s a “conspiracy theory”, or not. That’s your decision.

Don’t continue to be silent when you hear – “Racist”, “Nazi”, or whatever. I refuse to give up my free speech. It will only get worse as bullies become more emboldened. They will eventually come for you too. It’s time to stand- good or evil. Which will you choose?

Food for thought. Slow down and listen…

A Few Thoughts…

Now, here are a few thoughts:

Tell me, is it a conspiracy theory that we are being bombarded by lies, false flags, possible gun confiscation, chem trails (all over the world), theft of our tax dollars, invasion of our country by illegal aliens, drugs, child trafficking, legal baby killing, fake news, mobs, violence, etc., etc. We all are sick of the naked power grab those in leftist mobs are inciting. Freedom of speech doesn’t mean they can speak freely, and you can only repeat their talking points. Wake up, people!

That’s not what America was founded on. No more will others break the rules and get away with it while the rest of us get bullied by the very people who preach moral superiority.

Just give me a narrative based on what is best for Americans, not what’s best for the global elitist cabal. I want a new social platform that is not run by a clandestine offshoot of a corrupt government agency; one that is not designed to social engineer and lets me own my data exclusively. I want a level playing field. Think I’m the only one? Think again…

Welcome to the Great Awakening!

I HIGHLY recommend this book. WWG1WGA

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