Tale of a Song

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Here, I describe the tale of a song-starting at its beginning:

Back in 1983, I wrote “Art For Sale” and recorded it at Creative Sound Recording in Brazil, Indiana. I overdubbed bass, electric/acoustic/slide guitars, drums, and vocals to get a very sparse (but decent) performance. I even remember the engineer- Steve Brown.

“Art For Sale” was part of a four-song cassette EP (extended play) titled 44U (Four For You). It was released on my start-up label- Elysian Fields. It bombed, but you gotta start somewhere! Learn by doing. My motto: Live to record another day!

Fast Forward

Fast forward thirty-three years, and I decided to give the song some real edge; renaming it “To The Light”. I wrote all new lyrics reflecting my renewed belief in God and the freedom only He affords us through Jesus Christ. Revolutionary! It appears on the 2016 Skyypilot “Buckle Up, Buttercup” album.

Here are the new lyrics:

To The Light

Classic battle between good and evil. Staring at unsettling upheaval.
Social justice, climate change, regulation…
Throw out all logic, you intolerant nation!
Straw man cameo distracts the crowd. Audio muted when we cry aloud.

Refrain: To the light, day from night,
Won’t surrender our God-given rights.
To the light, blind to sight,
Aspiration taking flight!

Don’t subscribe to the UN agenda. All that mail can be returned to sender.
Ban expression, freedom of religion.
No civil rights, just division.
Killing babies for the PC mob; looking for innocent they can rob.

Greed and power seem the motivation to enslave entire populations.
Not unlike lemmings jumping off the edge.
Accepting every bet is hedged.
Roped and branded, wooed, then cursed; forgetting that God comes first.

© 2016 J. Mark Witters

Thinking I Was Finished…

Thinking I was finished with the new song, I meandered into other music discoveries. In 2019, however, I began remixing my releases with fantastic plugins from Slate Digital. What a difference!

Also, I have been making videos for all songs I release. here goes…

This is my tale of a song. I’m done now!

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