Behind the Mask

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Behind the Mask

The silent majority is behind the mask. We are a growing number of disenfranchised tax-paying legal citizens. We come from the entire spectrum of deplorables; every background imaginable to all but the “ruling” class. We watched as they have stolen and lied for so long that their words mean nothing. We are now learning about crimes against humanity. They have been perpetrated by some of those we trusted for years. Hollywood, music, fashion, television, newspapers, etc. are being exposed for who they really are- evil.

Behind our mandated masks, there are individuals who each have different priorities; people with radiant smiles one can no longer detect. Emotions are camouflaged, too. You can’t be sure because a mask keeps us isolated-the plan.


But… Science hasn’t been settled supporting the validity of masks. Masks instill uncertainty, even fear. It’s more visually evident who will comply more readily to additional deep-state demands. Those mandates fit hand-in-glove with the global cabal. If you repeat a lie often enough, people just might believe it. That is no longer the case. People are waking up.

Banning Religion

One of the main goals of communism is to destroy our belief in God by banning religion. For them, the Communist party is the ultimate power and they will destroy anyone preaching anything different. That’s why they’re trying to shut down churches. It’s ironic that the same people demanding inclusion are so narrow-minded. Also, it is they who are the projecting fascists.

Once “subjects” give up belief in God, all hope is lost. Therefore, the State is all that is left. Benevolence or malevolence is at some bureaucrat’s whim. The State “god” for the “peasants”.

“Shut up and wear your (worthless) mask.”

What We See

What we see is that mankind is suffering from alienation and rejection of any values we hold dear as a society. Multitudes of children disappear at alarming rates every year. We see the taking of innocent life by abortion. Look up the stats to see how many black babies were aborted in New York City last year alone. Don’t black babies’ lives matter? They do to me.

We may see evil, greed, hypocrisy, and lies everywhere, but:

“Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for you are with me; your rod and your staff they comfort me.”-Psalms 23:4

My course is set on God.

Our masks will come off; our freedom preserved. Daylight in America!

God wins.

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2020-Later That Year…

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2020-Later That Year…

“2020-Later That Year” is the second twenty-song Skyypilot collection released this year. I decided to remix some old material re-cut the vocals, and add some new compositions as well. Everything is different. The samples used are new and vastly improved, as are the audio plugins. It’s a whopping two and one-half hours of “off the beaten path” audio. The 5.99 price point makes it more affordable to the musically adventurous. What do you have to lose? Take a chance!

Hug, etc.

“2020-Later That Year” begins with the social distancing-inspired “Hug” and ends with my latest- the instrumental “Lone Stranger/Get It Together”. There’s plenty of conservative social commentary with “Government School”, “Things”, “Love Is All There Is”, and “Yes, I Can”. Yes, there are some long compositions, but there’s never a dull moment- short-attention span material. I’m easily bored! God, Country, and free speech are all covered, too. It’s all over the map-no genre shoe box.


There are free videos you can download of every song on Vimeo. Again, they too are off the beaten path. Here is “Lone Stranger/Get It Together”, the last song on the album:

Who I Am I?

So, who am I? I’m just a communicator. I’m flawed and aging, but I also know that God can use ordinary people like me to confound the powerful. Sure, there are many, many others who play, write, sing, produce, or edit better, but so what? No one is exactly like me. That’s the point. I’ve done this for almost fifty years. It still is a kick even for a small voice.

Since swimming against the current, rejection is the name of this game. Thing is-I don’t count on my art to eat. Artistic freedom is so hard to achieve, but like personal freedom, it is inconceivable wealth. Posturing counts for nothing, after all.

Give me truth and light every time.

© 2020 J. Mark Witters Skyypilot Media

1968 on Steroids

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1968 on steroids? I remember 1968. About to start high school, I lived through the assassinations of Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy. Saw civil unrest, Vietnam, many radical groups, and (looking back with eyes opened) our lying mainstream media. Woke radicals were glamorized and in the spotlight as they set off bombs, riot, etc. It was a very turbulent time, indeed. Gradually, it seemed to settle down, but things were still simmering.

1968 On Steroids

After 1968, leftist leaders decided to infiltrate the public school system even further. Consequently, the new education system is 100% geared to a one-sided, no argument, authoritarian, socialist indoctrination concentration camp.

This was a brilliant strategy, subverting all critical thinking processes; forcing allegiance to the State only. The individual (supposedly touted in the 1960’s) no longer mattered. Therefore, the State is their religion while they are systematically destroying Christianity.

Also, if you cause enough distraction, you can occupy young minds with drivel and not allow dissent or room for critical thinking. That’s how you put the State’s knee on our necks starting in schools. Obey.

Some Answers…

Some answers to this attempted forcing of socialism on us are:

First, end all government and teachers unions. We do not need their endless politicization affecting our lives. Take your children out of government schools. Having them out of socialist indoctrination camp is the one good result of the lock-down. Let’s give the money back to parents so they can choose what’s best for their children.

Second, adopt term limits on all elected officials. Almost all are getting wealthy at our expense. You should not be in elected office for life. We have a Presidential candidate who has been in office 40 years. Sadly, he has done nothing but shamelessly enrich himself and his family when he should be in prison.

Third, allow free speech on social media. Conservatives are cancelled. This must change. It’s a civil rights issue.

Fourth, allow freedom of religion. Christians are being cancelled. It’s a civil rights issue, as well.

Fifth, sue the corrupt, lying media out of existence. We hear of “fact checkers”, but only for one side, so the silent majority is frozen out of the facts, therefore, the New York Times, Washington Post, the big alphabet networks, Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc, need to go away because they are colluding to steal elections and must answer for their blatant crimes. They are flat-out lying.


In conclusion- the mask is off. It’s 1968 on steroids. The Democrat Socialists are brazenly defying the rule of law at every turn. It’s a naked power grab. If they get it back, the republic will probably be lost forever.

1968 had nothing on what’s going on today. It’s called “open insurrection” .

Therefore, we need to see justice.

© 2020 J. Mark Witters Skyypilot Media