Show Me the Man…

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Lavrentiy Beria

Show Me The Man…

Lavrentiy Beria‘s famous quote, “Show me the man and I’ll find you the crime.”, speaks volumes about a state that has gone out of control. He was responsible for deaths of many political enemies, as well as “handling” any ethnic dissent for Stalin starting in 1938 Moscow and beyond. He ended up being executed for treason (as well as other crimes) in 1953 after a truly evil life.

Under his way of thinking, you can make it up as you go as long as you get your victim. The ends justify the means. “Show me the man, and I’ll find you the crime.”

So, You Might Ask Yourself…

So, you might ask yourself, “I’ve done nothing wrong, why should I care about anyone I don’t like?” If the Deep State can make up crimes on our duly-elected President, they sure as hell won’t stop there. You will have a police state on steroids. You want choices, tough luck. Submit or die.

These same statists act lawlessly without fear of punishment because they are on the “right side” and “above the law”. The “little people” certainly aren’t, are we? We are low-hanging fruit and serve to provide their income and slush funds only.

Eventually they will come for you, too. Since we’re so intentionally divided, they can just throw away one group at a time. Bite-size is preferable. If the groups are divided small enough, no one might notice until critical mass is reached. Too late. Game over. We all lose.


We are frogs in a pot of heat-to-boiling water. As the water warms, it might first feel good, but when you realize you’re boiling, you’re incapacitated and it’s too late.


Instead of pure facts presented objectively, allowing each viewer to determine an individual viewpoint, we have propaganda with a a satanic, elitist, one-world government agenda. They want it all. All your freedom, all your money, all your labor-everything.

They are counting on everyone to stay asleep. Don’t ask questions, don’t research on your own; trust them. Oh you can keep your doctor!

Don’t believe anything I say. Look it all up from multiple sources. Take the time if your future is important to you.

Let’s find common ground and agree that we want freedom in the United States now and forever. The alternative is slavery.

© 2019 J. Mark Witters