Where There’s a Will…

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Where There’s a Will…

Surrounded by Chaos

“Where there’s a will, there’s a way”, goes the saying.  It’s tough being surrounded by chaos, but we are starting week seven of house remodeling, and the end is finally in sight!   Workmen are coming and going, (our dogs making note of each occasion), piles of boxes and stuff everywhere (shifting locations as needed), and constant upheaval make things uncertain.

Get over it.  It’s time to make music!

Inspiration, or Perspiration?

Which  is the catalyst – inspiration, or perspiration?  Too many seem to think you have to always be inspired to compose, but that’s just not true.  First, you have to start something.  That momentum will almost always carry you.  Ideas are hard to find.  If you don’t actively look, you might never find them.  On the other hand, sometimes they come to you when you aren’t even trying.   Go with whatever works, but just GO!


Now, I’m working on my latest composition “Outlier”.  Assuming that my audience is one person  (me), it eliminates questions like “is it commercially acceptable?”.  At this point, what difference does it make?   No one is clamoring for my latest release anyway.  When one goes the  true recording  “artist” route, assume you’ll be ignored and you’ll never be disappointed.  My goal is always- live to record another day!

The world is full of copycats.  That’s because imitation is a safe, tested path of conformity.  Cover bands or tribute bands, are technically great and sell a lot of booze at their venues, thus,  serve their purpose.  I am hardly  the greatest musician around, but I’m definitely not predictable.

“Outlier” will probably be over twenty minutes long, thus ensuring its non-commercial status.   It has three distinct movements.   Part 1 is over 13 minutes long!  I’ve written most of the lyrics for Part 2, although the music is yet unwritten.   I’m working on the orchestration for Part 3 as we speak.  Each song takes a different path to completion.  God leads, I just follow.

Sample Tank 3,  Miroslav Philharmonik 2,  and Ethno 2 is my instrument palette.  The first two instruments are made by IK Multimedia, the last, by Mark Of The Unicorn.  My method is to use sounds like spice.  A little goes a long way.  Use it, then lose it…

Moving Along

The secret for me is to keep moving along, no matter what.  There will always be reasons for not doing something.  I want to find a way to do it.  Isn’t that more interesting?

Back to the drawing board…


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