Last Whimper of a Rebel

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Last Whimper of a Rebel

What is the last whimper of a rebel? I listened to a 1980’s hit song depicting the singer/friends’ former high school “glory days”. Yes, he was a rebel. He (thought) he did whatever he wanted; whenever he wanted. This song looks back longingly at this ideal (they think) they briefly lived up to. Reality, unfortunately, sets in and they eternally live in their self-fabled past. Kick back and dream-very common. Adventure over.

This singer had a very rebellious image over the years and has put out some great music. Unfortunately, he bit the same hand that has kept him so successful for so long. He was wise and free-what a “rock and roller” should be (I guess).

Then, he took himself too seriously. He sided with people who didn’t really believe in personal freedom for the masses-just themselves. He took a bunch of money to sell a vehicle while lecturing on reuniting to people to have been discriminated against for years. Just sit down, shut up, and accept the fact they are liars and thieves who are entitled to rule over you from cradle to grave. Case closed. Money made.

It’s strange how life has certain expectations and when they seem (for that brief moment) to be met, that many will just ride those achievements into the sunset. Yes, those were the good old days. Never mind that they sucked at the time, it sure beats the sheer boredom and conformity of today.

We were “Out On A Wire“; living for the moment. We were in that hot rod, racing toward the future; without a care. Some of us still are on that road- shooting for the stars, but searching for truth.

Then, there’s a guy who throws in the towel and all you hear is the last whimper of a rebel.


Out On A Wire”- Skyypilot © 2020 J. Mark Witters Skyypilot Media

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