What If?

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What If?

What if we raised our children to be liars and thieves? Everything they did from that point would be suspect. Could you (or anyone else) ever trust them? No. Would that reflect on you, as well? How would that work out in society? Molding your children into responsible adults begins and ends in the home. Parents are the ultimate role models for children.

Our families have been intentionally ripped apart. Most people are hard-pressed to survive, let alone be there to teach their children during the day. Who’s left to “teach”? Your friendly government union (Marxist-leaning) teacher spewing political hate throughout the day, of course.

Look at the sorry (for the most part) celebrities, media, and politicians. They lie, cheat, steal-whatever their “position” requires- and only care about money and power. Now, I’m definitely not including them all. (Attention mongers seem to catch my first suspicions). Thanks to the depths our culture has descended, our young gaze at a mirage built on hate, lies, and deception. Dance around the truth, and people will forget it exists, right?

What If?

What if we no longer trust our “experts”. We don’t need vaccines for Covid’s 99% survival rate, and masks don’t work. Why are these things being pushed? Fear and division. People are far more willing to go along with damn near anything in a crisis, even if no apparent provable logic is involved. It’s easy, then, to take their frustrations out on a non-complier. They can then be part of the mob, too.

Why do “experts” continually change the narrative to suit their daily version of the truth? They have another agenda, of course- the globalist cabal’s advancement at all costs.After a while, we don’t believe them.about anything.

Some More What If’s

How about some more what if’s?

What if we banded together with a bunch of people and all went into stores together without a worthless mask. Just sayin’…

What if we weren’t swayed by fashion, status, the arts, etc.? Blaze your own trail and be happy!

What if we chose reason over emotion? You can’t deny facts.

What if we chose peace over war? It would break the military industrial complex.

What if we chose love over hate?

What if…

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