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Long View

© 2015, 2020 J. Mark Witters

Born upon a sphere of madness, in chaotic innocence.
Schooled to exacting standards, straddling the top of the fence.
Studied Jesus and forgiveness, went to church; learned the Golden Rule.
Gentleman and scholar were expected. Often times, you’d only see a fool.

Knocked about in playground mischief; tempered by the daily cruelty.
Drilled by domineering experts. Stripped of free thought by degree.
Shiny notes were sampled in wonder; words enthusiastically applied.
Solely toiling hour after hour in a no-win swim against the tide.

Came to a fork in the river- the widely-traveled and the mainly-not.
Deciding on the one almost forgotten- experience that never could be bought.
With unwavering conviction, navigating straight ahead.
Never looking back, or even forward. Striving just to earn the daily bread.

Worldly eyes might show disapproval, but ask yourself, “What does all this mean-
Chasing an ever-fickle spotlight, instead of happily pursuing dreams?”
When accounts have all been settled; everything all been said and done,
You bask in the glow of satisfaction, knowing you’ve become a man, my son!

From the Skyypilot “2020-Later That Year” album.

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