What Do I Want?

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What Do I Want?

What do I want?

I want leaders who are honest, not a touchy-feely, happy-go-lucky thieves. I want leaders who don’t engage in pedophilia or worship satan. They should protect our sovereignty, civil rights, and citizenry. They must be held to the same standards as rest of us, so we have a level playing field. Break the law- go to jail. Simple.

Our government must be transparent. Ban career politicians. Institute term limits. End the deep- state corruption. Drain the swamp. End sanctuary cities, masks, shut-downs.

Break up the lying media and corrupt social media platforms, then jail the seditious co-conspirators. We want TRUTH, not propaganda. End this garbage NOW! We, the people are taking this country back!

What Else?

What else? Reopen churches without conditions. Stop harassment of Christians and Jews. Religious freedom is a civil right. End Planned Parenthood and abortion funding. Hear the cries of the unborn. They are God’s children.

Stop education’s socialist, cookie-cutter indoctrination. Ban the 1619 lie. Allow school choice so everyone has one. Re-introduce critical thinking. Ban Marxist teachers’ unions. Teach! (What a concept)


And, let’s end this global warming/green-weenie crap once and for all. It’s a globalist sham designed to steal all of our money, take all of our life choices and keep us all slaves. Kick out the communist U.N. and lose our membership in this hoax. Defund this anti-American farce!

Oh, bring back nuclear energy, please. Also, let’s have the list of known cures that big pharma has kept hidden all these years. Give it up…

Suckers no more.


© 2013 J. Mark Witters
Things I need; things I don’t….

Give me liberty, not the IRS.
Give me my freedom from a tyrannical mess .
My privacy, not the NSA.
Respectfully treated instead of played.
Event file on the average man. Situation’s getting out of hand.

Give me self-defense, not gun control.
Give me civil rights, not a regulated soul.
Religious freedom, not a God-less state.
Our own uniqueness will not wait.
It’s as if they’ve got nothing to do than persecute Christians and Jews.

Give me blind justice, not a screaming mob.
Show me gratitude, not some worthless fob.
Give me truth, not Common Core.
Elected servants. not political whores.
Right is right, wrong is wrong. Only honesty belongs.

Give me clarity, not a confusion-lined way.
Give me George Washington, not cold-blooded Che.
Give me my country; tell the UN to leave.
Send the Commies packing. No patriot will grieve!
Mandate this, confiscate that, while the ruling class get fat.

From the Skyypilot “2020-Later That Year” album.

© 2020 J. Mark Witters Skyypilot Media Skyypilot.com

The Best Is Yet To Come

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The Best Is Yet To Come

There is an old saying that “the best is yet to come”. I think it really is. The world has always been a dangerous place. We stand literally on the brink of annihilation or jubilation. God controls the outcome.

There has been an organized global monetary cabal pushing for a one-world government backed by the U.N. This system is literally a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Citizens answer only to the state; have no rights in their world. We are but the slaves in the system, toiling in perpetual debt-working for “the man”.


Things are about to change. The 2020 rioting is intended to tear all government systems and replace them with socialism– a step from eventual communism. We then stay in chains. Shoot all objectors, and the sheep will fall in line. Their plan has worked all over the world, but not here.

We elected a disrupt-er, Donald J. Trump, as President in 2016, and truth is starting to break out all over the world. We are tired of the same lying, cheating, elitist siren song we’ve been enchanted by for so long. We are returning to God because we serve Him, not the State.

The gold monetary standard is returning and the blood-sucking central banks are drying up. Despite how things might appear, we will come out the other side better than ever.

Law and Order

A society must have law and order to survive. Hitler abolished the police, sent in “brown-shirts” (mercenary forces) to cause chaos. He centralized power, killed the “brown-shirts” (as not to have witnesses), and ruled with a fascist fist.

Why do you think these people want do away with police? Same playbook.

Look at George Floyd police body cam of the whole awful incident. Look at his toxicology report. Research all of these incidents as if you a grand jurist. Don’t just be swayed by emotion. React only to the facts. The media is lying on everything. They are in cahoots with the insurrection.

Don’t believe me… research!

On The Verge

We are on the verge of tremendous revelations that will be exposed to all mankind that will usher in the freedom we hold so dear. Energy, medicinal, financial (and more) news is coming that will truly rock the world. We just have to get through a few rough patches.

Trust God.

He wins.

The Best Is Yet To Come

© 2020 J. Mark Witters

Ravenous wolf lurks outside, bought by evil to burn it all down.
Digital army with relentless purpose , uncover truths from deep underground.
Joined by love in Covenant with God, exposing facts as they are found.
Many awaking from decades in stupor. Finding voice in a jumble of sound.

It’s a hard road, but we will push on.
Cherishing freedom not easily won.
On to a future forged with promise
Soon the best is yet to come!

Serving with honor, brave and unswerving, soldiers protecting our God-given rights.
Selflessly giving their all to the battle, safeguarding liberty through darkest of nights.
The thin blue line stays strong and united, taking heroics to dizzying heights.
Everyday patriots never forgotten. God will win this glorious fight!

© 2020 J. Mark Witters Skyypilot Media Skyypilot.com