Out On A Wire

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Out On A Wire

Out On A Wire is the name of my latest Skyypilot album. 2020 has been a very productive year. This is my third release this year- 2020 (The Great Awakening, 2020- Later That Year, and now, Out On A Wire.

I’ve spent many years writing and recording, so I dug out some old masters and remixed them with new vocals, then added some new material in between. Also, some of the lyrics were completely changed to reflect a varied view of things.


Content on Out On A Wire varies from song to song. I jump around because I don’t want to be genre-labelled:

American Daybreak- short little country-like instrumental
Jumbled-percussion piece
Best is Yet to Come- commentary on future
Interlude-Unquenchable Dream- can’t stop us from dreaming
Unforgotten- we are not forgotten by our Creator
Divine Providence- a simple prayer
Cliched- a few of them strung together
Have At It-intense instrumental
Elitist Conundrum- what are they to do?
Sometimes- it’ll all turn out…
Never Again (Is Now)- not again!
Disillusion- it’s ok
Whats in Your Heart- that’s what really counts
Clearly- no bull
Haloed by Persistence- keep on keepin-on
Synthi- rowdy instrumental
Road Song- life on the road
Galactic Freak- freaky instrumental
Tea Song- too many taxes!
Pandemonium- retooled instrumental

The “Nice Price”

Back in the day, Columbia Records had an incentive called the “Nice Price”. They would often take a double-album and make it more attractive to the uninitiated listener by slashing the price to where they might take a chance on the band.

The three Skyypilot albums released in 2020 all have the “nice Price” of $5.99 for over two hours of music each. My reasoning is an incentive for the adventurous listener to “take a chance” and listen with an open mind. After all music is theater for the mind, isn’t it?

Take a chance!

Out On A Wire– Skyypilot