Is This What You Want?

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Is This What You Want?

Is this what you want?:

  • Loss of freedom- We’ve been robbed of our vote. There’s plenty of proof. Just open your eyes and look.
  • Loss of speech- Congress is trying to kill Conservative media. There won’t be any opposition to the planned forced Communism.
  • Loss of choice- Ever look at pictures of old Soviet Union stores? Empty shelves. Elite have plenty, though.
  • Loss of self- Individualism? Forget it. It’s for the greater good. Deal with it.
  • Loss of opinion-Who cares about any dissension? Re-education and guillotines are for that.
  • More mandates-Let’s stop our lives so that the government can tell us if and when we do anything.
  • More taxes-You have grease palms of your fellow henchman, right? Money laundering.
  • More crime- The Police are being hamstrung,so they’re leaving in droves or just being de-funded. Cashless bail? Corrupt judicial system.
  • More illegal entry- Everyone knows the floodgates are wide open. The more chaos, the more power you have.
  • More regulation- Want enough energy? Maybe the regulators will rule your way, maybe they won’t. The solar and wind farms worked well in Texas during their ice storm. Green energy is a scam.
  • More inflation- Your money will still be controlled by the Fed. In the “Great Reset”, you will lose. Elites win.
  • More isolation- Gotta keep you separated.
  • Ruined economy- No one but big business can afford expansion. They make enough to pay the ridiculous $15 minimum wage that small business’ can’t match. Tough luck, family owned or small business owners.
  • More war- The Military industrial complex needs that blood money.
  • Forced vaccinations- The more control over their “subjects”, the better. Covid is an acronym for Certificate of Vaccination ID (Identification). Want to buy, travel, function, etc.? Show us your papers. You’ll need to have 2-3 boosters per year. Do you know what’s in them? Keep the mask on to be safe!
  • Rationing- Look at what happened to Venezuela… Tragic shortages. Starvation.. Plenty for the “ruling class, though…
  • Forced labor- Do what we say. Eek out your meager existence and be happy for the crumbs you get.
  • Food shortage- They are systematically wiping out farm land and livestock with weather warfare to cause food shortages so they can push synthetic “food”. For more on weather warfare, check out Mike Morales’ YouTube channel for in-depth analysis.
  • No travel- We can control every move you (try) to make. Show us those vaccine papers, please.
  • No possessions- You don’t own that. It’s all for the “greater good”. We get to keep all our stuff, though, so we can watch you better.
  • No property- You don’t own that, either. Congratulations, you get to house whoever we say. Comply, or look for somewhere else for yourself.
  • No Christianity- No one is above the State. We are tolerant of all beliefs but yours.
  • No guns- That’s what Hitler, Chavez, and so many more dictators went for first. Guns protect you from an out-of-control government. Take those away and all you’ll have is government’s jack-booted foot on your neck


So, if this is what you really want, there’s no going back. Get used to the “new normal”. This is just the beginning.

Or…you can resist.

© 2021 J. Mark Witters Skyypilot Media

Last Whimper of a Rebel

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Last Whimper of a Rebel

What is the last whimper of a rebel? I listened to a 1980’s hit song depicting the singer/friends’ former high school “glory days”. Yes, he was a rebel. He (thought) he did whatever he wanted; whenever he wanted. This song looks back longingly at this ideal (they think) they briefly lived up to. Reality, unfortunately, sets in and they eternally live in their self-fabled past. Kick back and dream-very common. Adventure over.

This singer had a very rebellious image over the years and has put out some great music. Unfortunately, he bit the same hand that has kept him so successful for so long. He was wise and free-what a “rock and roller” should be (I guess).

Then, he took himself too seriously. He sided with people who didn’t really believe in personal freedom for the masses-just themselves. He took a bunch of money to sell a vehicle while lecturing on reuniting to people to have been discriminated against for years. Just sit down, shut up, and accept the fact they are liars and thieves who are entitled to rule over you from cradle to grave. Case closed. Money made.

It’s strange how life has certain expectations and when they seem (for that brief moment) to be met, that many will just ride those achievements into the sunset. Yes, those were the good old days. Never mind that they sucked at the time, it sure beats the sheer boredom and conformity of today.

We were “Out On A Wire“; living for the moment. We were in that hot rod, racing toward the future; without a care. Some of us still are on that road- shooting for the stars, but searching for truth.

Then, there’s a guy who throws in the towel and all you hear is the last whimper of a rebel.


Out On A Wire”- Skyypilot © 2020 J. Mark Witters Skyypilot Media

© 2021 J. Mark Witters Skyypilot Media


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© 2011 J. Mark Witters

It is what it is at the end of the day. All things being equal… Take the easy way.

Talk to the hand, dog and pony show… There’s one for the books; you just never know.

Bend over backwards. Beside the point. Maintain appearances, blow the joint.

Hook line and sinker, kiss and tell… Make hay while the sun shines. Fare thee well.

Been cliched, night and day. Overloading my senses every which way.

That one takes the cake. That’s what they say.

The whole kit and caboodle is cliched.

A happy camper, set the record straight. If it walks like a duck, it’ll take the bait.

That being said, mind over matter. Same ol’ same ol’, mad as a hatter.

Any day now, rollin’ in the dough. Apples to apples, go with the flow.

Once bitten, twice shy, all said and done. Blast from the past, why spoil the fun?

Cliched © 2011, 2020 J. Mark Witters

© 2020 J. Mark Witters Skyypilot Media