1968 on Steroids

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1968 on steroids? I remember 1968. About to start high school, I lived through the assassinations of Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy. Saw civil unrest, Vietnam, many radical groups, and (looking back with eyes opened) our lying mainstream media. Woke radicals were glamorized and in the spotlight as they set off bombs, riot, etc. It was a very turbulent time, indeed. Gradually, it seemed to settle down, but things were still simmering.

1968 On Steroids

After 1968, leftist leaders decided to infiltrate the public school system even further. Consequently, the new education system is 100% geared to a one-sided, no argument, authoritarian, socialist indoctrination concentration camp.

This was a brilliant strategy, subverting all critical thinking processes; forcing allegiance to the State only. The individual (supposedly touted in the 1960’s) no longer mattered. Therefore, the State is their religion while they are systematically destroying Christianity.

Also, if you cause enough distraction, you can occupy young minds with drivel and not allow dissent or room for critical thinking. That’s how you put the State’s knee on our necks starting in schools. Obey.

Some Answers…

Some answers to this attempted forcing of socialism on us are:

First, end all government and teachers unions. We do not need their endless politicization affecting our lives. Take your children out of government schools. Having them out of socialist indoctrination camp is the one good result of the lock-down. Let’s give the money back to parents so they can choose what’s best for their children.

Second, adopt term limits on all elected officials. Almost all are getting wealthy at our expense. You should not be in elected office for life. We have a Presidential candidate who has been in office 40 years. Sadly, he has done nothing but shamelessly enrich himself and his family when he should be in prison.

Third, allow free speech on social media. Conservatives are cancelled. This must change. It’s a civil rights issue.

Fourth, allow freedom of religion. Christians are being cancelled. It’s a civil rights issue, as well.

Fifth, sue the corrupt, lying media out of existence. We hear of “fact checkers”, but only for one side, so the silent majority is frozen out of the facts, therefore, the New York Times, Washington Post, the big alphabet networks, Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc, need to go away because they are colluding to steal elections and must answer for their blatant crimes. They are flat-out lying.


In conclusion- the mask is off. It’s 1968 on steroids. The Democrat Socialists are brazenly defying the rule of law at every turn. It’s a naked power grab. If they get it back, the republic will probably be lost forever.

1968 had nothing on what’s going on today. It’s called “open insurrection” .

Therefore, we need to see justice.

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The Mask, The Park, and Other Things…

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The Mask

First, we have the Mask (capitalized for this blog only). Wearing it acknowledges the man-made “plandemic” designed to force the public into socialism. Why the mask? It heightens anxiety, creating fear of the unknown for manipulating the masses. More importantly, it destroys individuality. Once you do that, you can hopefully destroy the person’s will. As a result, the “sheep” are complicit in pretty much anything the “Deep State” might cook up. Mob rule, true democracy, is manufactured by raw emotion, not logic. Tell a lie often enough (fake news) and people might actually believe it. Anyone who questions it will be “cancelled” from legitimacy.


The Park

The Park was once a gathering place for fun, picnics, family reunions, etc. Often there was a monument or memorial at that park that commemorated a person or event from history. Often, we might reflect on that past, good or bad. You see, if we don’t know about past mistakes and/or achievements, we will have no direction forward. The same kind of thugs that have usurped power in so many socialist/communist countries started with tearing down statues/monuments; history in general.

The park is serious business today because it’s overrun with political correctness. It’s no longer fun; perhaps even dangerous.

Other Things

Other things are at play here. Maybe society is undergoing mayhem because of the culture. Could it have been orchestrated? Absolutely. Unfortunately, society’s dumbing-down is crucial to the psychological war we are in.

All forms of major “entertainment” are affected- TV, books, music, and movies. They tend to sink to the lowest common denominator, robbing us of potential discovery and wonder of art. Homogenization.

Last, but certainly not least, is today’s utter disdain for Christians. Why? Because Christians fear God, not the State; especially the Deep State. I just watched Bill Gates talking to the CIA (in a 2005 video) about the use of vaccines through the introduction of respiratory events to trigger mass inoculation. Sound familiar? These injections would have compounds that would solve the problems caused by these “radical” fundamentalist Christians by manipulating brain cells.

It’s called “crimes against humanity” in my book. Psyops.

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Give It To God

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Why Don’t We..

Why don’t we just give it to God? We may pride ourselves on various accomplishments, but in harsh reality, we actually know very little. Rest assured, God sees and knows all.

There have been countless times in my life that I’ve been discouraged. The important thing is- I refuse to give up. My faith won’t allow that and often, sometimes years later, I see God’s hand in life’s totality.

Case In Point

My latest case in point is an issue I had with my computer- it would not boot! I’ve had to deal with many computer issues over the years. I looked at it as mental chess; things always worked out. This time, no matter what I tried, it wouldn’t start up. Even though I had a cloud back-up, there were a few of my latest files that hadn’t yet been backed up, so I wanted it opened up.

My hard drive was dead. That was a fact that I finally had to admit after days of “mental chess” wore me down. I gave up on my own knowledge and gave it to God. Thusly, God led me in a direction of a $23 adapter that let me once again access those files. Point is- I gave it to God. He gave me the answer because it was His will, not mine.

Even The Best Plans…

Even the best plans are pointless unless it jibes with God’s. It took me years to realize that making popular music wasn’t nearly as important as making unique, naturally-occurring music. As the song says- ” You can’t please everyone, so, you’ve got to please yourself.”- (Garden Party-Ricky Nelson) I now know I’m not perfect, but where I need to be.

Just Give it to God.

Give It To God

© 2014 J. Mark Witters

Don’t understand, must be a reason,
Must be reason for what we face.
Don’t understand, must be a picture,
Much bigger picture no one can erase.
Don’t understand, must be a lesson,
Must be a lesson we can learn from Thee.
Lord, only You know the overall vision.
The perfect vision that we cannot see.

Just give it to God…

Don’t understand, must be a treasure,
Must be a treasure for which we fight.
Please understand that we must have ideals,
High ideals framed in pure light.
Don’t understand, must be a lyric,
Some kind of lyric to give song form.
Don’t understand, must be rhythm,
Some kind of rhythm, past the norm.

Just give it to God…

Don’t understand political correctness,
Silent compliance and the loss of self.
Don’t understand why we’re micro-managed
By a few elitists who are stealing wealth.
Don’t understand. It’s beyond comprehension,
Beyond comprehension what He truly does.
Don’t understand ’cause it stretches forever-
Infinite scope of unfathomable love.

© 2014, 2020 J. Mark Witters Skyypilot Media Skyypilot.com