Harness The Awesomeness of YouTube!

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Harness the Awesomeness of YouTube!

Howlin Wolf

Okay, YouTube had a minor glitch  yesterday.  I mowed my lawn while it was being fixed. Next, it was back up and I could once again do my thing.  Just the afternoon before, Beth and I listened to two hours of the Best of Howlin Wolf while blogging, and such.

Born Chester Arthur Burnett, Howlin Wolf wrote and performed many of the all-time blues classics.  “Smokestack Lightning”, “Killing Floor”, “Spoonful”, and so many of  Wolf’s songs were a huge influence on 1960″s rock music.   I was introduced to his song “Spoonful” on the Cream “Wheels of Fire” album- my very first!  Hubert Sumlin was his long-time smokin’ guitarist, and the cornerstone of his band.  This is must-hear music!

My Skyypilot YouTube Channel

I (along with many, many more) have started a YouTube in the past year.  Making videos (and blogging, for that matter) seemed like the furthest thing from my mind.  Now, I see that it’s something that very much interests me, so off I go.

In my still-in-progress  video series- “Skyypilot-The Composition and Production of Unforgotten“,  I had some questions about time stretching on my new Waveform 9 recording software.  Tracktion has a YouTube channel with a tutorial on Waveform 9 Time Stretching . Problem solved.

Also, with YouTube, you may upload and edit selections, make playlists, etc in the Creator Studio section.  It’s a great platform and it’s free!

Any time I look for a technical solution, I search YouTube for videos, and most of the time, I can find it.

Favorite Channels

Below are some of my favorite YouTube channels for both information and entertainment.  These are all completely unsolicited:

  • Think Media – Great tips and tricks for online video.
  • Aimee Nolte Music – Clever, informative tutorials/reviews, personal stories, and live concerts from gifted jazz artist.
  • Munrows Retro – Well-crafted music videos from songs of decades past.
  • Thebestdream I Had – Looking for groups from the 60’s that you did’t know existed?  They’re here…
  • David Hoffman – Fascinating clips from the amazing, prolific documentary film maker.

In all, YouTube is empowering a many people to do many things that were unthinkable a couple of short years ago.  It’s an exciting time to be alive!

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