Looking for a Window

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Looking for a Window

Been looking for a window to get a glimpse outside
But the monolith is locked up, and we are trapped on the inside.
Remember feet of clay, look ahead to better days.
Got to keep momentum..
It’s been quite a ride, though I tried to hide.
Ensconced on the seventeenth floor,
And I wonder where all the others go…
Been looking for a window of opportunity,
Someday I just might find it,
Impossible as it might be.

Been looking for a window to escape reality.
I’ll never give up looking
In this illusion of “free”.
Search for a little light, each day appears at night.
Question these surroundings.
All sense unease, no one can be pleased,
Nonetheless, we try.
Oh, for an unobstructed sky!
Gasping for breath of air, subtly acute despair.
Lulled into submission.
Nothing can be clear in this atmosphere,
I can only rely on God
And still wonder where all the others go.

© 2022 J. Mark Witters

© 2022 J. Mark Witters Skyypilot Media Skyypilot.com