Skyypilot- Composition- Production of “Unforgotten”- (Part 8)

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Skyypilot- Composition- Production of “Unforgotten”- (Part 8)

In Part 8, we’ll cover:

  • Export/Import Wav files of Sub mixes
  • Recording Guitar in Waveform 9 with Amplitude 4
  • Choosing Guitar presets/Rendering Wav files
  • Playback

Export Wav files of Sub Mixes

Now,  in Part 8, we will free up some of the computer’s resources by exporting sub mix wav files of the Drums/Percussion group and the Sample Tank 3 group.   First, solo the Drums/Percussion sub mix and select “Export” then “Render to file”.  I usually render to 24-bit file.  Disable the  Waves Studio Rack in the master bus before the render, or you’ll double-up on it later.   Make sure you put it in  the project  “Export” folder so you can easily locate it.   (Hit “T” after choosing the original sub mix track location to place the new track directly below it).  Next, Import the file to the empty track.  Also, add the Aux Sends (1&2) to the track, as we’re keeping the effects Aux Returns separate.

Let’s get all of our levels and panning set for the Sample Tank 3 sub mix.  We will then do the same thing in soloing, rendering, and importing  this instrumental sub mix  (minus the channel 1 Drum kit which is in the Drum/Percussion sub  mix).  Add a new track (“T”) below the sub mix track to import the ST3 wav file into.  After its import, I inserted Waves J37 to warm it up a bit.

Recording Guitar in Waveform 9 with Amplitude 4

Next, we’ll use IK Multimedia’s Amplitude 4 to record rhythm guitar into Waveform.  The  cool thing about Amplitude is that if you don’t like a sound AFTER the fact, you can still change it!  We’ll record the part with a pre-selected preset on Amplitude.

Choosing Guitar presets/Rendering Wav files

Then, we’ll add 9-yes, 9 Tracks underneath the  guitar.  Select the first guitar wav file, then in Properties at the bottom right “Select all Clips in the Same Track”.  We’ll then “Render Selected Clips” at the bottom of Properties.  Before doing this, however,  be sure to disable the Studio Rack in the Master bus.  The new wav file is created on top of the original, so just drag and drop it into one of the newly-created empty tracks.  I inserted  an IK Multimedia TR5 Classic EQ, along with a Waves ADT effect (for some phase-shifting).  Go back to the original track with Amplitude 4 and pick another sound.  Select all in track, render new wav file, and drag and drop to an empty track below.  Fill up all the rest of the added guitar tracks with different-sounding rendered files.

Well, we obviously don’t want all of those identical guitar parts with different sounds all playing at the same time, so now is the time to mix-and-match the parts to our liking.  The clips can be broken up by selecting, then hitting the / key.  This splits them at the slash.  From there, we can shorten by dragging the ends, lose sections as we go, etc.


Now that the parts are chosen, let’s hear the playback!  Be sure to click here for the companion YouTube video (added soon).  This is starting to take some shape…Back to work on Part 9!

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Skyypilot- Composition-Production of “Unforgotten”- (Part 6)

Skyypilot- Composition-Production of “Unforgotten”- (Part 6)

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In Part 6, we’ll cover:

  • Drum/percussion submix
  • Setting up  Drum/percussion  Aux send/return; Plugin for  Return effect
  • Mixing Drum/percussion submix and Effects Levels
  • Adding Drum fills
  • Additional Orchestration, Playback

Drum/percussion submix,

Since we last met, I made a submix of the drum and percussion tracks in Waveform 9 so  I can control their overall  volume.  Therefore, I’m adding two additional tracks first, by selecting the last percussion track (track 9), and hitting  “T”  twice.  Next, I change the track destinations by first selecting  track 1, then while pressing Shift+Control, pick track 9.  This selects tracks 1-9 at once.  At the bottom of the screen under Track Properties, choose Track destination from the default (1-2) to the newly-made track 10.  This will combine outputs from tracks 1-9 to track 10.

Setting up  Drum/percussion                     Aux send/return; Plugin for  Return effect

Now, we want  to add some overall depth, so for the most control, we’ll use the other added track (track 11) for the Aux send/return chain.  First,  add an aux (auxiliary)/send before the volume fader on the Drum/percussion track by dragging a Waveform 9 plugin there, and picking aux/send.  Next, place an Aux/return plugin before the volume fader on the effect channel (track 11).  Finally, choose an effect .  I’ve got Waves H-Delay (Hybrid delay) with a slap back insert placed after the aux/return in the channel 11 chain.

Mixing Drum/percussion Submix & Effects Levels

Well, now we want to get the overall Drum/percussion levels adjusted  going into the submix.  Then, adjust the amount of slapback effect we want in the effect channel 11.

Adding Drum Fills

From there, I went back through the Drum Loops and broke them up with fills. Make sure you make copies of midi track 1 and move them to track 2 where you have the Drum Core 4  kit.  Doubling midi kits is a favorite trick.  Let’s hear what we’ve got so far…

Additional Orchestration, Playback

I ‘ve orchestrated (bare-bones, mind you) the next section, so let’s return to Finale 25.5 and check it out.  See you on Part 7!

Watch my YouTube companion video on:  The Composition and Production of “Unforgotten” (Part 6).

I have not been compensated for any products mentioned above.

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Skyypilot- Composition-Production of “Unforgotten”- (Part 5)

Skyypilot- Composition-Production of “Unforgotten”    (Part 5)

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Part 5 (Finale 25.5)

In Skyypilot- Composition-Production of “Unforgotten”- (Part 5), we :

  • Setup Rewire in Waveform 9,
  • Set up and format Finale 25.5 for project
  • Select plugins for Finale score
  • Discuss the use of Midi in Waveform 9                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Starting today, I will be publishing a text blog version along with the video blog   (Skyypilot-Composition and Production Of “Unforgotten”- Part 5).  Any products mentioned are those I use. I am not being compensated for any implied or real endorsement.

Set-up of Rewire/Finale into Waveform 9

To integrate Finale directly into Waveform 9, first of all, drag the plug-in selector to the track I added [by hitting  “T”] and selecting “Rewire” from the Waveform plugin list.  In the “Properties” menu at the bottom, choose “Finale”. From there, we can open the editor, instead, let’s put that on hold for now…

Set-up and Format of Finale 25.5                   

I’ve used Finale for over twenty years and have seen it add 64-bit processing, along with accepting plugins, rendering wav and midi files, and now, Rewire compatibility.  Rewire allows remote control and data transfer between Finale 25.5 and Waveform 9.

We’ll start with opening up a new document in the stand-alone version of Finale and giving it 16 staves, the number of instruments  loaded into our Sample Tank 3 multi-instrument VST.  Next, make sure that Finale is being played through the VST by selecting “Play through VST” on the Midi/Audio menu.  Further down the same Midi/Audio menu, select “VST Banks and Effects”. In the Bank 1 menu, choose “Sample Tank 3”, then, open up the edit menu to the right of that tab to open Sample Tank 3 VST.  Go to the Multi menu and select the “Unforgotten” Multi I saved at the start of this series. If you remember earlier, we dedicated each pair of the sixteen instruments to their own outputs, hence making 32 total. 

Since we’re using Finale as a stand-alone, switch to the Mix tab at the top of Sample Tank and to the bottom of each channel’s faders to select 1/2 for every channel so they all output together. Finally, we’ll make this a separate Multi preset we’ll call “Unforgotten Finale” retaining our flexibility.


Go over to the left of each Staff and right click on it (with “Staff”  menu selected). Choose a clef for each staff, along with the staff instrument’s name.  Next, under the “Windows” menu, select “Score Manager”. Under “Device” tab, make sure they all have Sample Tank 3 chosen.  On the right side, pick the midi channel of your staff’s instrument. Since channel 5’s “Glamour EP” has two clefs- treble and bass, so it has two staffs.  Under the “Play” settings, since we want select the BPM (beats per minute) to match the 106 chosen for the “Unforgotten” Waveform 9 tempo select 106. Also, we want to “start at current counter setting” for editing purposes.

Select Plugins for Finale Score

Now, we’ll return to the “VST Banks and Effects” under the Midi/Audio Menu.   Go to the bottom to the Master Effects and select two Waves plug-ins I like to use:  the EMI TG12345 channel strip, and the J37 tape saturation plugins.  I chose a couple of presets I like and will adjust levels after entering some notation for playback.

Use of Midi in Waveform 9

Now, we will open up the “Unforgotten” project started in Waveform 9 and compare the original voice-leading (block chords) beside the notation I’ve entered on Finale.  Until next time,I will compose more in Finale and return soon for an update.

Starting today, I will be publishing a text blog version along with the video blog   (Skyypilot-Composition and Production Of “Unforgotten”- Part 5).

Any products mentioned are those I use. I am not being compensated for any implied or real endorsement.

© 2018  J. Mark