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Oasis in the Desert

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Seems like I’m always looking for an oasis in the desert.   I’m learning webmastering on the fly (after leaving my web host for years), trying to get my  YouTube channel on track,  reading all kinds of technical stuff, listening to  remodeling going on around me, and, yes, remembering I’m working on an album!  Music is that oasis.

After working for a very demanding, tiring  job for thirty years, it seemed that my best writing/recording happened after a  really  trying day-gig… (Actually, it was a night one!)

In days past, I sought (like everyone else) a  perfect recording environment.  Now, I just do what I have to do, whatever else is going on around me.  I call it guerilla recording.  Naturally, I don’t want dogs, phones, talking, etc, etc, but it’s organic, baby!  Build a stage in the barn, and let’s have a play!  You are COMMUNICATING, so do that and let chips fall where they may.


So, each weekend, I try to refuel by listening to a little of everything, including things I’ve not heard before.  Everything is subconsciously filed away and the juices get flowing.  Then, I’m ready for the next week ahead.

Last  Sunday, we were reading to Albert King’s Greatest Hits.  Cream’s Wheels of Fire ( my first album) had a song he had recorded years earlier- “Born Under a Bad Sign”.  Eric Clapton had been heavily influenced by him, and since I’ve always loved Clapton, I love Albert King.  Despite his large frame, he had a smooth voice. He was a joy to hear, and his guitar-playing superb.  “Like a Road Leading Home” (from his 1971 album “Lovejoy”)  is one of my all-time favorite songs.

Next, I stumbled upon  “Miles Davis- December 19, 1970 Cellar Door Club, Washington DC“.  Miles Davis is one of my absolute favorite musicians.  I started music playing trumpet and I remember him amplifying his horn, playing it with a wah-wah pedal, and playing some out-there stuff.  He truly did his own thing.  This recording had Miles Davis (trumpet); Gary Bartz (soprano sax, alto sax); Keith Jarrett (electric piano, organ); John McLaughlin (guitar); Michael Henderson (electric bass); Jack De Johnette (drums); Airto Moreira (percussion, vocal) and was another musical gem.  I listened to all three sets of that show, then “Bitches Brew” today (doing dishes), and I’m refueled for another week!

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