There Stands Another Refined Man

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There Stands Another Refined Man

There stands another refined man
Impeccably dressed and cleverly planned
He grips a photograph of a vain and sordid past
Sadly claims he’s invulnerable

Yet another motel room
Standard checkout used to be by noon
Bets are off, things have changed
Everything’s been rearranged
By engineers of social decree

There broods a flower by the wall
Summer always drifts off into fall
Bright and shiny for a time
Brief blossom on the vine
Finally falling to the ground

There lay a scarecrow scattered in the ditch
Hard thing to tell was which was which
It had been blown away
By some unsuspecting play
Of the cultural mob

© 2022 J. Mark Witters

© 2022 J. Mark Witters Skyypilot Media