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In this upside-down post-modern jumble, who faces consequences for their actions? Look around and notice all the compliant folks who wear those worthless masks. Masks don’t work. It is simply designed to control and separate us from the “ruling class”. We have no voice, no expression, no in-person social interaction, no choice, etc. We are the taxable, exploitable deplorables. Gee, we’re like slaves, aren’t we?

A slave in an iron mask- Google images

See, that’s the plan-keep us as slaves on the Globalist plantation. Just wear the damn mask until you get sick, then you are under their control for yet another vaccine. Then, you must PROVE you have taken it by receiving “the mark”, then rejoin a “safer” society. Ask Bill Gates why he didn’t vaccinate HIS children. It’s population control; money for big pharma, etc. etc. There’s lot’s of repressed and intentional FALSE information spewed out by the media, but no accountability. They are also withholding many cures from us while we suffer and lose loved ones needlessly.


Are politicians suffering consequences for their treason, bribery, theft, lying, etc., etc. ? Of course not! Laws are only for the little people, not them, after all. Here’s the deal: many go Washington, get compromised, blackmailed, threatened, whatever it takes, then they’re in someone else’s pocket, and they’re a made man (or woman). As long as they listen to and follow their handlers, they literally make out like bandits with lifelong benefits to boot. They have no problem foisting this plandemic and other on us. They have inside stock market info to ease the pain of having to watch their hapless constituents suffer from pain they knowingly helped facilitate. What are their consequences?


The Big Network and Social Media is directly responsible for the deaths of untold numbers of people due to the shutdown and mask lies they peddled. They lied about hydroxychloroquine, saying it was dangerous, when it, in fact, does work. How much death and suffering did that cause? Who’s going to jail, who’s going out of business? Who has the responsibility for the lost and shattered lives, forced isolation, and deliberate division caused by the media’s willful lying?

Will there be consequences for the attempted overthrow of our beloved United States of America?

Let’s see what happens…

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