Do You Consent?

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Do you consent to letting the State dictate every aspect of your life (if they decide to let you be born in the first place)? Do you think masks really work? The vaccines? How about standing in line waiting for precious freedoms to be returned at their own time and choosing; not allowing facts to get in their way? Do you consent to guard the borders of another country when ours is non-existent? Do you consent to giving your hard-earned money to illegal aliens through goods and services, then letting them vote? What about the child trafficking that’s running rampant and is even being facilitated? Do you accept the fact that no one will officially challenge the 2020 election? Do you believe Dominion machines’ counts are real? Do you think current voter roles are accurate? Should we condone obvious inexpensive, proven cures be withheld in favor of big pharma/big money dangerous deceptions? Should we allow criminals to be let out of prison to riot and destroy lives? Should we let dictators mandate our world? Do we accept “global warming” at the cost of everything we hold dear, just hoping the purchased “science” is the truth? Is it accepted without question that every three-letter agency (such as FBI, CDC,FDA, CIA, IRS, etc.) always relate proven fact? Do you want your children to be raised by the government teacher unions without any of parental discretion or recourse? Do you want their curriculum to include political, racial, sexual, or religious bias and just skip real critical thinking? Do you accept the death and destruction caused by fentanyl smuggled up through the southern border? Do you approve of demonizing Christianity while drag queens tell stories to children in public libraries? Do you want to de fund police for we “commoners” , while the ruling class has private security we pay for? Do you consent to the endless lies we are fed by big government and media, while they accuse everyone else of “misinformation”. Do you condone the destruction of selected history in favor of what’s “woke”? Will you go along with the cancel culture craze? Do you support mob rule? How about abortion? Lying media and politicians? Do you want to give up personal protection (guns) and hope that we’ll be protected by the people who take them? Do you condone false flags to hide the truth? Do you think people should let the ruling class think for them? Should people not be convicted of treason and crimes against humanity? Do you think Jan. 6 a real insurrection? Should those accused in Jan 6 still be in jail while real criminals and terrorists (BLM/Antifa, etc.) are running rampant? Are you sick of the catch phrase “you’re racist” when you don’t go along with their communist agenda? What about social justice, are you in? Reparations? Do you believe Covid-19 was real? Was it ever isolated? Do you support dumping 75,000 (probably more) illegal, unvetted Afghans all over the country (many considered dangerous)? Support the UN taking our money while they spy on us and undermine our sovereignty, plus have diplomatic immunity at the same time? Does your government serve you?
Thought not.

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Behind the Mask

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Behind the Mask

The silent majority is behind the mask. We are a growing number of disenfranchised tax-paying legal citizens. We come from the entire spectrum of deplorables; every background imaginable to all but the “ruling” class. We watched as they have stolen and lied for so long that their words mean nothing. We are now learning about crimes against humanity. They have been perpetrated by some of those we trusted for years. Hollywood, music, fashion, television, newspapers, etc. are being exposed for who they really are- evil.

Behind our mandated masks, there are individuals who each have different priorities; people with radiant smiles one can no longer detect. Emotions are camouflaged, too. You can’t be sure because a mask keeps us isolated-the plan.


But… Science hasn’t been settled supporting the validity of masks. Masks instill uncertainty, even fear. It’s more visually evident who will comply more readily to additional deep-state demands. Those mandates fit hand-in-glove with the global cabal. If you repeat a lie often enough, people just might believe it. That is no longer the case. People are waking up.

Banning Religion

One of the main goals of communism is to destroy our belief in God by banning religion. For them, the Communist party is the ultimate power and they will destroy anyone preaching anything different. That’s why they’re trying to shut down churches. It’s ironic that the same people demanding inclusion are so narrow-minded. Also, it is they who are the projecting fascists.

Once “subjects” give up belief in God, all hope is lost. Therefore, the State is all that is left. Benevolence or malevolence is at some bureaucrat’s whim. The State “god” for the “peasants”.

“Shut up and wear your (worthless) mask.”

What We See

What we see is that mankind is suffering from alienation and rejection of any values we hold dear as a society. Multitudes of children disappear at alarming rates every year. We see the taking of innocent life by abortion. Look up the stats to see how many black babies were aborted in New York City last year alone. Don’t black babies’ lives matter? They do to me.

We may see evil, greed, hypocrisy, and lies everywhere, but:

“Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for you are with me; your rod and your staff they comfort me.”-Psalms 23:4

My course is set on God.

Our masks will come off; our freedom preserved. Daylight in America!

God wins.

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