Next Phase-Winter Soldier

Rolling on

Rolling on, I continue with the next phase of “Winter Soldier”, a composition started in an earlier blog- Being Social, etc..

To recap: I have around 12 saved wav files rendered from midi triggered by the Artiphon Instrument 1 (passed through different presets in the Waves Flow Motion synth). After editing the files, I added drums and rendered a stem of this submix (bypassing the master mix bus). The midi tracks made from the Finale score were tacked on to the first movement, and instruments recalled from the same Sample Tank preset used in the Finale score.


Nextly, I rendered another stem of the Sample Tank instrumental after double-checking the panning of the stereo signal. I bypassed the mix bus for this, again.

For the last 2 verses, I used another 4 midi channels, opening up another instance of a Sample Tank rack, and loaded newly-selected instruments to play the notes required. This becomes my third section, and so, render the submix per method mentioned. These 3 stems are lined up side-by-side in Waveform (my workstation).

I added a simple brush drum part, then some guitar-both to their own separate submix stems.


Since the rest of the song is done, maybe I should write the lyrics:

Winter Soldier

                                                                                      © 2019 J. Mark Witters
Words dangle by failing threads;
Shatter as they strike the ground.
Thought-crime’s death in a post-modern world.
Winter soldier makes no sound.
To that end, he’s not around.

Banished to the frozen fields,
Silhouette by blazing sky.
Bits of thought drift in time,
Somehow manage to survive.
Even hope to, one day, thrive.

Traipsing through mine fields, skipping through space.
Shout in a vacuum with expressionless face.

They will never convince you,
So, you’ll fight another day.
Licking wounds of indifference,
Looking for a different way.
Searching for some notes to play.


Next, I need to actually come up with the melody. Up goes the mic, and I just start singing… Like I said, you never know what might happen when recording, but if you don’t do it, nothing will!

© 2019 J. Mark Witters