American Individuality

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American Individuality

American Individuality is a song I wrote over ten years ago. The recording of this song was for my “Interstellar Sideshow #13” album. It was only a few months before my successful cancer treatment. (God is good!) When first recorded, the lyrics were darker. The verses were rapped (the first and only time I’ve done that). It was a different time, for sure…

Fast-forward ten years; I’ve learned more. Audio plug-ins have advanced to allow worthwhile revisiting everything I’ve previously recorded. When I hear the difference-Wow!

After looking at the old negative lyrics, I kept the title-but nothing else:

American Individuality

Everything you think you know is wrong.
Indoctrinated at an early age.
Many people with separate songs
Try to escape from society’s cage.
Constant struggle sifting through it all.
Propaganda on a major scale.
Willful blindness precedes the fall.
In the end, it’s certain God prevails.

More than survive, we will thrive – American individuality.

Break the chains that hold you down.
Eliminate pre-determined thought.
Take a stance, stand your ground.
Become that someone you’ve always sought.
Each of us is more than statistic
Or mad experiment run amok.
Choosing faith over State or mystic,
And self-control over luck.

© 2019 J. Mark Witters

What It’s About

Here’s what it’s about: America was founded on individual freedom, not the collectivism preached in the socialist cesspools of “higher learning”. Sure, it’s hard to fight the constant bombardment of lies we’re subjected to daily, but we must. Struggle makes the victory that much sweeter.

People are beginning to wake up from their deep slumber. We are tired of a two-tiered justice system which caters exclusively to the “ruling” class. We exist in an increasingly fragmented and hostile society. Artificial intelligence animates the inanimate and kills off the living.

Despite the obstacles- more than survive, we will thrive

American Individuality!

© 2019 J. Mark Witters Skyypilot Media