The Easy Way

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The Easy Way

The easy way is the well-worn path almost everyone seems to take. They follow the crowd. “Go along to get along” is their motto. Being popular is more important than being right. Look at social media…

Well, I don’t believe being wrong is right. That’s why I’ve been such a social pariah. It doesn’t matter. I would rather be right. That’s the harder path.

The following are my observations. Please don’t take my word. Research yourself.


About three years ago, I came across people talking about Q. What was that? I decided to take the “red pill” and find out. It is military intelligence- the highest classification. A plan has been developed for many years to wrest power and control from satanic forces back to the people.

I discovered much evidence to prove there is, in fact, a deep state. There is a global cabal espousing a one-world government. There are many satan-worshippers that consider themselves “elite” and the “ruling class”. They want to run every aspect of our lives. We have no value other than serving them.

For many of those elite, the drug of choice is Adrenochrome. What is that?

What They Don’t Want You To Know is an article not for the faint-of-heart. It explains in great detail why these globalists fight so hard against President Trump. He’s going to expose it all. You can hide your eyes, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Don’t be willfully ignorant. Open your mind. Don’t keep taking the easy way.

This explains why the globalists want open borders and a breakdown of society. Confused and uncatalogued populations are easier to manipulate. They can separate children and harvest their blood and organs for their sinister purposes. Big money. Power. Control.

What about Planned Parenthood? Why do we still fund it? What does it really do with the once-living, now-murdered baby’s body? Find out. Research. The truth is out there.

Depths of Evil

In the depths of this evil dwell those who would even offer up children as a blood sacrifice. Their depraved satanic rituals occur all over the world, many underground. They believe this is the source of power for them.

Epstein Island is close to Haiti; very handy to snatch children and take them there for their sick purposes. After the horrendous earthquake there in 2010, many children were “rescued” from there to a horrendous short-lived future. Many “elites” went there for the purpose of child-rape, torture, the consumption of Adrenochrome and children. They were recorded, then perpetually blackmailed for their heinous crimes. Take a look at the Epstein flight log. Draw your own conclusions. Maybe that’s why they wanted Epstein dead. I’m not sure he is. We’ll soon find out…

There are many places like Epstein Island worldwide, above and below ground. What happens to the hundreds of thousands of missing children all over the world every year?

Check out the truth about Adrenochrome harvesting. These people control many in media, social media, three-letter law enforcement (FBI, CIA, DOJ), government deep-state,central bank, Hollywood, music, business, etc. There seems to be no end to their depravity. They were protected. They’ve protected their own for perhaps hundreds of years.

Then Came Trump

Then, came Trump. He didn’t want or need their money. He didn’t play the game; take the easy way like all those before him. We ordinary “deplorables” could see he was special. He takes the American Presidency seriously. He loves his country. We aren’t his “subjects”. We are individuals.

President Trump doesn’t believe in the huge sums of our money going to foreign countries, only to be laundered back to corrupt politicians. The wasteful spending is displayed in the Dec. 2020 Covid stimulus bill. Again, research it.

Also, President Trump is doing away with the oppressive central bank, designed to keep we the people as permanent servants to their purposely-flawed monetary policies and profitable endless wars. The military industrial complex now realizes the gravy train is over unless he’s out of office. They keep trying. They will lose.

Peace has broken out, it seems.

What Crimes?

Just what crimes did Donald Trump commit? He ended the notion of a one world Communist government policed by the U.N. He is ending the endless wars that keep the whole world in chains. He rebuilt our depleted military. He rebuilt the purposely foundering economy, designed to accommodate the horrors of a Green New Deal, Great (economic) Reset, Climate Change/Iran “Accords”. (straight-up wealth distribution/theft). Most importantly, he’s saving the world’s children from sex trafficking and death.

The “Game”

We’re about to see the whole “game” displayed. People will be both shocked and horrified. Those they thought we’re good and honest are far from it. They are going to answer for their crimes. I choose God’s side. Evil happens only when good men do nothing. There’s no easy way.

Nothing can stop the storm.

God wins.

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