Enough Is Enough!

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Enough Is Enough!

Enough is enough! Masks do not work to prevent the spread of the China virus- Covid 19. If they did, we would see plenty of studies to show it scientifically. Lock-downs do not work. If they did, we would see proof. Social distancing doesn’t work in the long term. Where’s the proof? Herd immunity does work.. Imagine that! Let nature run its course. Why aren’t there dead homeless in the streets of California? Why haven’t they had the third world decimated? It’s because the cure has been hidden. This has been a cruel hoax. Around 99% recover!

What Does Work?

What does work? Hydroxychloroquine has been used safely for decades to treat malaria, and has been kept hidden from revealing the cure. That’s why the tropical third-world countries haven’t been crushed by this plandemic. They prescribe it for Malaria. The media will not tell the truth-that an inexpensive and effective cure (combined with zinc and Azithromycin) is already here. They lied- many died needlessly- just to push globalism for the select few. It’s pure evil. There’s blood on their hands. They don’t care about anything but money and control.

Check this out for Covid’s treatment options.

Still, the true Nazis that run our largest cities want to keep their jackboots on the small business’ necks as punishment for their middle class status (and because they probably voted for President Trump). They want the free market eliminated and they want to 100% control you. The masks and lock-downs mixed with fear and uncertainty will (they think) get their job done- a collapsed economy forcing a one-world government run by un-elected bureaucrats.

Let’s review these war crimes according to the Nuremberg Code, set up in 1947 after exposing the horrific experimentation done in WW2’s Nazi Germany. That’s what they are committing against us.

But they will pay. They will lose. God will win.

Fraud and Corruption

Look at all of the fraud and corruption around us! How can you expect dishonesty from anyone, let alone everyone in the mainstream press/social media?

We know the 2020 was a fixed fraud. Prove us wrong.

Congress tried to pass a deceptive Covid “aid” package loaded with the very garbage the global cabal wants- punish the middle class by offering “crumbs” as they lie to decimate what’s left of economies of New York, California, Illinois, Washington, Oregon, etc. It’s a shell game that rewards Democrats by letting them continue their illegal money laundering- giving money to certain countries, then circling it right back to their coffers. Furthermore, it helps fund the bogus BLM/Anitifa riots they’ve encouraged the whole time. It’s wealth distribution and deception, so Hitler would have been proud.

Oh, here are Wikileaks files to peruse, exposing some of their corruption.

Daylight is the best disinfectant. Let the sunshine in!

Merry Christmas! Celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior- Jesus Christ. With Him, there’s true hope and change.

Pray for our country. Pray for the world.

Out On A Wire

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Out On A Wire

Out On A Wire is the name of my latest Skyypilot album. 2020 has been a very productive year. This is my third release this year- 2020 (The Great Awakening, 2020- Later That Year, and now, Out On A Wire.

I’ve spent many years writing and recording, so I dug out some old masters and remixed them with new vocals, then added some new material in between. Also, some of the lyrics were completely changed to reflect a varied view of things.


Content on Out On A Wire varies from song to song. I jump around because I don’t want to be genre-labelled:

American Daybreak- short little country-like instrumental
Jumbled-percussion piece
Best is Yet to Come- commentary on future
Interlude-Unquenchable Dream- can’t stop us from dreaming
Unforgotten- we are not forgotten by our Creator
Divine Providence- a simple prayer
Cliched- a few of them strung together
Have At It-intense instrumental
Elitist Conundrum- what are they to do?
Sometimes- it’ll all turn out…
Never Again (Is Now)- not again!
Disillusion- it’s ok
Whats in Your Heart- that’s what really counts
Clearly- no bull
Haloed by Persistence- keep on keepin-on
Synthi- rowdy instrumental
Road Song- life on the road
Galactic Freak- freaky instrumental
Tea Song- too many taxes!
Pandemonium- retooled instrumental

The “Nice Price”

Back in the day, Columbia Records had an incentive called the “Nice Price”. They would often take a double-album and make it more attractive to the uninitiated listener by slashing the price to where they might take a chance on the band.

The three Skyypilot albums released in 2020 all have the “nice Price” of $5.99 for over two hours of music each. My reasoning is an incentive for the adventurous listener to “take a chance” and listen with an open mind. After all music is theater for the mind, isn’t it?

Take a chance!

Out On A Wire– Skyypilot

Truth Revolution

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Truth Revolution

© 2014, 2020 J. Mark Witters

Truth revolution, no exclusion. Strong premonition, anybody listenin’?
Liars-in-charge, living so large. The crime of all time-take every dime.
Wordly gain, spiritual pain. Driven insane on the fruited plain.
Games of chance, the latest dance. Cast their fate to those who hate.

Truth revolution, perfect solution. Individual salvation, or death of a nation.
Cerebral starvation, or self-celebration. Make the decision to end the division.
Deliberate action, self-satisfaction. Celebate fury. Judge and the jury.
Literate masses, no free passes. Choose not to gaze through rose-colored glasses…

Truth revolution, trumps the confusion. Gross simulation, over salivation.
Get a grip on he who cracks the whip, right the ship, there’s enough of us blips.
Fevered worker, not a shirker. Just a tool, someone’s mule.
Rose above it, learned to love it. Wound up so tight, but won’t take flight.

Truth revolution, heals pollution. illumination of the intricate illustration.
Worldly power starts to sour. Faith of a mustard seed is all you need.
Brand new day, lead the way. Pray for wisdom, ask for vision.
Tides have turned. When will we learn? Nightmare’s done, walk don’t

Skyypilot’s “Truth Revolution” on the “2020-Later That Year” album.

© 2020 J. Mark Witters Skyypilot Media Skyypilot.com