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Faith Without Works

Faith Without Works-What Does it Profit?

“What does it profit, my brethren, if someone says he has faith but does not have works? Can faith save him? If a brother or sister is naked and destitute of daily food, and one of you says to them, “Depart in peace, be warmed and filled,” but you do not give them the things which are needed for the body, what does it profit? Thus also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead.” James 2:14-26 New King James Version

How true is that passage?

We have been making donations to various causes for awhile. The problem is that the most charities seem to spend a lot on fund-raising. Organizational self-perpetuating seems to be their primary goal. How much really goes to those who need it? The process seemed remote and removed, so we have found ways to help specific folks with specific problems. What a difference!

If each of us sees what an impact we can individually make, we can truly change the culture and the world. Being able to witness this directly is a blessing. The giver gets more out it, for sure. Otherwise, according to the Bible, faith without works is dead. What do you think?


As it approaches, Mother’s Day is time to reflect. I know the tremendous impact my Mother has had on me and I am eternally grateful. Her unconditional love and patience is nothing short of miraculous, especially considering that she has a hyperactive music geek as a son!

Mothers are the glue that keeps it all together. They don’t get time off-ever. Mothers have precious little time for themselves. They are the family’s logistics, supply chain, scheduling, and maintenance specialists. Selfless is the perfect description. Multi-tasking? Bring it on! When she says, “Jump!” though, you’d better listen! My Mother is all that and more!

Not every one has the same life experience. Hopefully, time will heal those wounded and they will still choose to find happiness. It is still there for all of us, you know.

I want to honor my Mother today. Thank you so much Mom, for your shining life’s example. Your faith has many works, indeed! I love you!

© 2019 J. Mark Witters

Welcome to the Great Awakening !

Welcome to the Great Awakening

© 2019 J. Mark Witters

In amazing America, we’re opening our eyes.
Just want the whole truth, not blatant lies.
Seeking blind justice, not the social kind.
An untethered life’s all I hope to find.

Listen to the bells of freedom ring.
Welcome to the Great Awakening!

A fly-over town is where I’m from.
Cling to my Bible and a legal gun.
Don’t mind the fake news, give me what’s real.
Truth is medicine meant to heal.

Years on the sideline, now we are the news.
Strengthening numbers, tho differing views.
Now is the right time. Ready to play.
I love Jesus and the U.S.A.!

Know I’m not perfect, but do what I can.
Keep on trying. Only one man.
But out of their slumber, sight out of blind-
A mighty army of individual minds!

Listen to the bells of freedom ring.
Welcome to the Great Awakening!

I Love the U.S.A.!

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© 2019 J. Mark Witters

What’s Going On?

Hate Speech

What’s going on with “Hate Speech”? A sad host at a failed network asked a former crooked FBI director: “Do you, in retrospect, wish that people like yourself, the head of the FBI, the people in charge of law and order, had shut down that language, that it was dangerous potentially, that it could have created violence, that it’s kind of hate speech? Should that have been allowed?”

This host referred to the “Lock Her Up! (Hillary Clinton) chants at Trump rallies during the 2016 election campaign. The host believes that ONLY speech SHE believes in should be allowed. Anything else, to her, is “Hate Speech” and should be banned.

Let me be clear. There was NEVER violence started by Conservatives at these events. This “Hate Speech” label is NEVER given to anti-Semites, anti-Conservatives, anti-Christians, anti-Capitalists, anti-White, anti-American, etc. It doesn’t matter how much of this bile they spew from the television and social networks if it’s against the approved-by-the-mob crowd.

The fact is, the whole word is upside-down. I DO want a full investigation leading to the prosecution of MANY people. Of course, Hillary Clinton is just ONE of them. That’s MY opinion and I’m entitled to it by the First Amendment, something evidently not taught in our government schools.

Blind Justice

What’s going on with blind justice? Does it even exist? It doesn’t appear so. Celebrities and politicians (mostly Democrats) blatantly and gleefully break laws and suffer NO consequences. These same people trash President Trump and those of us who support him. I’ve taken this abuse long enough, so I’m speaking out while I still can. Remember: RESPECT IS A TWO WAY STREET.

Have you ever heard of the Cloward -Piven strategy? In 1966, Richard Cloward and Francis Fox Piven theorized that if you should overload the welfare system (which is what’s happening with ushering in the illegal aliens into the United States). You then cause a crisis that will collapse the system and be replaced by universal income for all and “end” poverty. Yeah, right… Do the math and get back to me.

This, of course, is unsustainable, which is whole idea. An authoritarian then swoops in, millions die, and those left will be left in the perpetual poverty that they claimed would be eliminated with no chance of personal freedom (unless, of course, you are one of “the ruling elite class”). That’ why civics and the Constitution aren’t taught in school any more. They want the students dumb and compliant-set for a dictator to rule.

As we are witnessing, free speech is being thwarted at every turn. If you are “progressive” (a fancy term for communist), you can pretty much say or do anything until you serve no further purpose for them (think “useful idiot”). Then they use social media (think social justice), political correctness, the many convenient laws they can subvert for their “cause” and “erase” you from the database. Like a Conservative, you’re shadow-banned and you can “freely” speak, just that it will be in the bottom of a sealed barrel-silenced.

What Does This Have to do With Music?

So, what does all this have to do with music? The Beatles (and their producer, George Martin) made unforgettable and truly unique pop music. The recordings still hold up 55 years later! They made recording a true art form. They quit touring and made recording their full time job. Their records were better because they took chances (and the time) to make them that way. They were the top influencers of the 60’s because they made people think.

Since they were so popular, they could afford to play and say what they wanted. They didn’t have to play the same music night after night. They were impossible to control by the recording business since they owned their own label, Apple Records- the ultimate freedom.

This could never be allowed to happen again in the music racket. (It is a racket.) Their plan- keep people on the road to do the same assembly line stuff, record, rinse, and repeat. Staying in the same genre is paramount to ensure predictability. There’s no time to really experiment, so after the first couple of albums, most become homogenized, formulaic, and lowest common denominator-boring, drivel. Lots of flash to say nothing. Free speech is not allowed. Too dangerous… People might THINK!

So goes the way of today’s “recording artist”-all cookie-cutter image, no substance. They are, instead, performance artists. Frank Zappa would be run out of business if he were still with us. They tried back in the day. The the fix and politically-correct mob are in.

Don’t get me wrong, there are recording artists out there, but very few can generate livable income from that because they are never promoted by a major entity.

I won’t play the one-sided game.

© 2019 J. Mark Witters