Skyypilot- Composition- Production of “Unforgotten”- (Part 9)

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Skyypilot- Composition- Production of “Unforgotten”- (Part 9)

In Unforgotten Part 9, We’ll Cover:

  • Recording Lead Guitar
  • Rendering Dry Submix
  • Lyrics
  • Recording Vocal
  • Change Master Bus Plugins
  • Rendering Final Mix
  • Mastering Mix

Recording Lead Guitar

Now, in Unforgotten Part 9, we will record the lead guitar parts using IK Multimedia’s Amplitude 4.  I chose a tone and recorded the parts, trying to get a feel going.  Look, I’m just an average guitarist.   I’m an average everything,  but exploit my  strengths and diminish my weaknesses.   The recording is my diary!  Hopefully someone reads it…That’s all you can do.

Rendering Dry Submix

Next, we will render an instrumental submix  for reference.  Disable the Waves Studio Rack, and render a dry instrumental track you can solo alongside the vocal you will soon be recording.  This is a place marker only.  We’ll mute it during mixdown.


So, here are the lyrics:


© 2018  J. Mark Witters

Gift of gold within your heart,  Measured first by charity.
True and honest from the start.  Innocence is a rarity.
Searching for a perfect deed.  Winding through a battered mind.

Is remedy addressing need more than one can hope to find?

Unforgotten analytical waifs. Unforgotten as we’re being strafed.
Unforgotten by my Savior Jesus.
Unforgotten in a bureaucratic maze. Unforgotten in a psychedelic haze.

Unforgotten by our Savior Jesus.

Window-dressing some call “life”-cold and stringent are their ways.
Whimsy blindly blows its fife.  No one will recall those days.
Landscape dotted with decay.   Time is quickly taking toll.

Emotion, more than I can say, is buried deep within my soul.

Unforgotten analytical waifs. Unforgotten as we’re being strafed.
Unforgotten by my Savior Jesus.
Unforgotten in a bureaucratic haze. Unforgotten in a psychedelic maze.

Unforgotten by our Savior Jesus.

Recording Vocal

It’s time to record the vocal…  I used a Waves Abbey Road EMI TG 12345, Waves Vocal Rider, and Waveform 4-band EQ (dropped off @ 100hz, notched @330 hz, and bumped @4800) as plugins.

Add 3 additional tracks underneath that vocal track by selecting the recorded vocal track and hitting “t” three times.  Select all vocal clips in the recorded track, hold down “control” and drag a copy of the vocal track to the track below.

We now have two mono tracks you can pan off with  effects using aux sends on each track.  I’m going with the Waves H-Delay.  I’ll pan the effect channel to the Right to answer the H-Delay I’ve got on the Drum-Percussion sub mix Left.

Change Master Bus Plugins

I decided to change the Master bus Plugins in the Waves Studio Rack.  The Waves Aural Exciter was replaced with the J-37.  The Aural Exciter  gave me a little too much high-end, so the J-37 rounded it off.

Rendering Final Mix

Well, now it’s finally time to render the final mix!  Solo-up all of the submixes and export a 24-bit Master wav file.

Mastering Mix

I use the Lurssen Mastering Console to master the Final Mix.  It has a lot of nuanced presets, so  close your eyes, listen closely,  and choose wisely, grasshopper.  Watch the meters; let it rip!

This concludes our series, but stay tuned for the music video….

Author’s note:  I have not been compensated for any products mentioned above.

© 2018 J. Mark Witters

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