Rule of Law


Civilized Society?

As a civilized society, we have what’s called “rule of law”. Evidently, that so-called rule of law only applies if you believe a very narrow (and getting narrower) mind-set. Political correctness expands until EVERYONE is guilty, then they scoop you up whenever they want. That’s why we have all the regulations. Thanks to proudly-corrupt politicians who lie (yes, LIE, not “mislead”,”misspeak”, or whatever gentle phrase the corrupt mockingbird press spew any given day). We either have rule of law, or anarchy-take your pick.


What is Progressivism “progressing” towards? Some will tell you Socialism, but when that doesn’t work (and it NEVER does), it descends into full-blown Communism, killing millions who stand in its way. You start out with mob rule given to the winner of the popular vote only, taking out the safeguards awarded by the Electoral college. That way, all the corrupt (mainly Democrat) major metropolitan cities can speak for everyone else. “Flyover” country be damned. They cheat any way they can, because they don’t care about their country, they just want the power and money that comes with it so they can dictate everyone else’s lives. ALL your freedoms then go to power-hungry elitists, while the rest of us are nothing but slaves. The reason a Democrat (or most Republican) politicians can never give a straight answer on how much the tax rate should be, it’s because they want it ALL. Then, they can dole out whatever they want to whomever they want-corruption at its finest.

Overwhelm the System

How will they try to achieve their goal of total power for the global elite? Overwhelm the system. The notorious Cloward and Piven came up with this method in the 1960’s. It’s simple- just bring in the rest of the world, and have them apply for welfare. Once critical mass is reached, the economy is destroyed and the masses will take what they’re given, because you’ll definitely end up with a dictator. Game over… Why do they want to flagrantly violate our immigration laws? Why does the left ENCOURAGE this invasion of law-breaking illegal aliens, drugs, disease, child sex trafficking,etc.? If you read Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals”, you know the answer-chaos.

Different Rules

Different rules apply to different classes. You can run for President without being born here, you can point to others and project your charges of “Nazi”, “Racist”, “Sexual predator”, or whatever it is you’ve done. The fake news will follow you anywhere, because they’re in the tank with the Democrats. Ask yourself, “If they can demand tax records from the President, why can’t they let you see them for everyone that runs for office?” Why can’t we see ALL records from ALL the candidates? Why? Because a lot of the corrupt politicians could never pass muster. How do you think they got their beloved power? Also, if you are Democrat and get elected to Congress, all you have to do to amass wealth and power is tow the line-run the country down at every opportunity, without offering a single solution. Hide behind your gender, race, and radicalism and say anything about anyone who disagrees with you. Insult them then bite the hand that feeds you ingrates… If you don’t like our country, submit solutions (isn’t that why you were elected?), or go somewhere else more to your liking. Don’t just run this one down like the ones you love so much. Let’s see how much freedom they have there.


Why are the so-called Progressives hypocrites? Because given power, they can say or do anything and go scot-free while Christian Conservatives are shut up, shut down, shadow banned, and excoriated for their ideas. I’m fed up with this double-speak. How about you?

©2019 J. Mark Witters

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