Outlier Album Release

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Outlier Album Release

I’m pleased to announce the “Outlier” album release.  After doing this for forty-six (or so) years, I am finally starting to figure this stuff out!

Due to the advancement of quality audio plugins,  your average person has access to advanced tools available only to a select few up to now.


Thanks to Waves plugins, I’m on a level playing field.  No, this is not a paid endorsement.  I started using them a year or so ago, and they  make all the difference in sonics.  They have given me a warehouse full of vintage audio equipment for a bargain because I’ve taken advantage of their great sales that are always happening.  

Waves also has many great online manuals and tutorials that explain each plugin.  I’m a typical “get in there and start turning knobs” kind of guy, but I need all the help I can get, so it’s there for us!

The Beatles‘ music  (produced by George Martin) has had enormous influence on my music.  Now, I actually have software of the exact studios they used in Abbey Road Studios  (called EMI  studios back in the day), complete with their first solid state console channel strip, TG-12345.  I even have older Redd channel strips from earlier studios there if I want an even more vintage sound.   Rich analog sound is available  with a  J-37 (the Studer recorder used in Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band).  Double-tracking originated with the Abbey Road ADT (artificial double tracking).  I have the plugin.  The reverb plates and Studio 2’s Echo chamber are right there for me, too.  I essentially have  what The Beatles (Abbey Road) and Pink Floyd (Dark Side of the Moon) used on the epic albums  afore-mentioned.  This way of recording with computer and plugins has been described as being “in the box”.

The Deal

Here’s the deal:  Outlier’s message is simple-either succumb to fear or forge ahead boldly.

Like many others, I entered social media expecting freedom of speech.  Evidence shows that is sadly not the case.  After a couple of minor “rufflings” with I’ll call “the major players”,  I decided to not continue to be funneled into their imposed obscurity because of my beliefs and Walk Away.  I’m the Outlier… I’m the counter-culture.

Outlier” features lots of twists and turns.  It doesn’t fit in a particular category.  That’s the point- not wanting to be like everyone else.  I especially don’t want to bore myself!

Videos for all the music are on the Skyypilot Vimeo page.  The videos are free to download! 

I don’t tour because the studio is my instrument of choice.  If you like what you hear, please support what I do by downloading or streaming my compositions from your favorite online source.

Hope you enjoy “Outlier“!



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