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Why Don’t We..

Why don’t we just give it to God? We may pride ourselves on various accomplishments, but in harsh reality, we actually know very little. Rest assured, God sees and knows all.

There have been countless times in my life that I’ve been discouraged. The important thing is- I refuse to give up. My faith won’t allow that and often, sometimes years later, I see God’s hand in life’s totality.

Case In Point

My latest case in point is an issue I had with my computer- it would not boot! I’ve had to deal with many computer issues over the years. I looked at it as mental chess; things always worked out. This time, no matter what I tried, it wouldn’t start up. Even though I had a cloud back-up, there were a few of my latest files that hadn’t yet been backed up, so I wanted it opened up.

My hard drive was dead. That was a fact that I finally had to admit after days of “mental chess” wore me down. I gave up on my own knowledge and gave it to God. Thusly, God led me in a direction of a $23 adapter that let me once again access those files. Point is- I gave it to God. He gave me the answer because it was His will, not mine.

Even The Best Plans…

Even the best plans are pointless unless it jibes with God’s. It took me years to realize that making popular music wasn’t nearly as important as making unique, naturally-occurring music. As the song says- ” You can’t please everyone, so, you’ve got to please yourself.”- (Garden Party-Ricky Nelson) I now know I’m not perfect, but where I need to be.

Just Give it to God.

Give It To God

© 2014 J. Mark Witters

Don’t understand, must be a reason,
Must be reason for what we face.
Don’t understand, must be a picture,
Much bigger picture no one can erase.
Don’t understand, must be a lesson,
Must be a lesson we can learn from Thee.
Lord, only You know the overall vision.
The perfect vision that we cannot see.

Just give it to God…

Don’t understand, must be a treasure,
Must be a treasure for which we fight.
Please understand that we must have ideals,
High ideals framed in pure light.
Don’t understand, must be a lyric,
Some kind of lyric to give song form.
Don’t understand, must be rhythm,
Some kind of rhythm, past the norm.

Just give it to God…

Don’t understand political correctness,
Silent compliance and the loss of self.
Don’t understand why we’re micro-managed
By a few elitists who are stealing wealth.
Don’t understand. It’s beyond comprehension,
Beyond comprehension what He truly does.
Don’t understand ’cause it stretches forever-
Infinite scope of unfathomable love.

© 2014, 2020 J. Mark Witters Skyypilot Media

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