Gaining Perspective

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Gaining Perspective

Gaining Perspective-The Hardest Lesson

The hardest lesson for an artist is gaining perspective.  Just be happy, no matter the outcome.  Imagination can easily lead one down  an unrealistic path, and the clock is always ticking!

When you refuse to become a lemming,  you must gird for disappointment.  It’s part of the package.  Live performance provides instant feedback, good or bad.  We all crave attention, but if you are truly an artist you will have to be willing to abandon it all together for your art.  I could write a book…  Maybe I am!

How Far Have You Come?

The question of the day: “How far have you come?  In the last two months,  I’ve completely changed my website, written and produced a new song, made ten new videos,  working on my 11th blog, and learned new video software.  Not bad…

Almost nine years ago, I was diagnosed with stage-four cancer.  God healed me.  Up till then, I chased after people’s “approval” on my music.  Sure, I want folks to like it, but now, I’m just doing it for me.  Let it go, man!

Years were spent as my own worst enemy, but after cancer, I decided to be my own best advocate from then on.  It’s an isolated, yet very direct place to be.  I retired from my day job (the last one, over thirty years), and am doing this media thing.  If others like it, great, if not, oh well…  I’m doing this for me.

Look Around

If you start to get concerned about things, look around and you’ll see how blessed you truly are.  There is always someone who overcomes more and/or achieves more than you, so enjoy the ride and learn from your countless mistakes.

Just look at the Shriners Hospitals For Children commercials if you want to be inspired.  Those kids will bring you right back to earth and melt your heart.  By the way, please donate to them  here:

For a mind-blowing attitude adjustment, check out the life story of  the  highly successful creator-Jon Morrow.  If that doesn’t inspire you, my friend, nothing will!


What can you take-away from this?  The Kinks, one of my all-time favorite bands, sang “I’m Not Like Everybody Else“.   Make it your theme…   Rock it!

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