Freedom From Choice

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Freedom From Choice

Freedom from choice, or freedom of choice-which do you choose? Here in America, we’re bombarded with decisions every day. That could come to an abrupt change with the attempted destruction of our time-tested capitalist system. Do you like choices, or have some “green” climate-change fear monger guilt trip/bully you into letting them decide for you.

How will they do it?


It starts with complacency. If you don’t think about it, it will go away. If you aren’t affected at this particular moment, just hunker down and no one will touch you, right? Wrong.

Look at most our so-called lawmakers; most of the so-called journalists. Check out most of the so-called elite. They are bought and paid for long ago and obey their socialist handlers who buy and/or blackmail them. Once in the club, their choices are gone. Nothing to see here…

Don’t worry, it hasn’t gotten to you, yet. You’ve done nothing wrong. You’re safe.


It’s all about “safety” with this plandemic thing (which is a man-made variation of influenza). Wearing a mask is safe, then unsafe, then, whatever. We have been flat-out lied to for so long, I don’t believe main stream media (for the most part) at all. They don’t give a damn about the truth, but expect us little people to be faultless. They mind their handlers and rake in the money for spewing garbage. We’ve been played long enough.

Went to get a simple blood test today and you would have thought I just landed from Mars- masks, name tags, temperature scans, etc… I saw a video of the White House press corps all ripping off their masks and in close contact when the main cameras were off. They are complicit. They know the score.

The real reasons for the masks? To strip us of all our individuality is the first. Socialism requires us to conform to the same identity, therefore, who needs a different face, right? The other reason is to hide potential rioters’ faces.


Sure, there’s Covid-19, but we have a proven cureHYDROXYCHLOROQUINE taken with zinc and Azithromycin. Big Pharma makes BIG money, especially on forced vaccines that probably won’t work anyway- that’s why they want a vaccine. Give people the cheap, real cure (HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE cures even more than you know, making other prescription drugs obsolete) and big pharma no longer takes our money for things that may or may not work… They want to keep charging those exorbitant prices insurance companies also get a piece of. They don’t care if you live or die as long as they get paid.

There are people involved in this manufactured crisis who need prison time. They have blood on their hands. The Police State dry run (so far) has been a huge success, but…

Covid-19 was a planned event to scare people into submission.

The End Game

What’s the end game? To frighten Americans for POWER and MONEY. We are slave labor to the Globalist so-called “elite”. America is their biggest roadblock. Why? We have this system- capitalism- that gives us choices. If their globalist, climate-change, green-weenie, socialist power grab should succeed (which it won’t), our choices are gone- FOREVER.

Once the state takes your right to choose, you are left the crumbs of whatever is left (after they pay off their pals, of course).

Is this really what you want? Do want some prejudiced bureaucrat to have complete rule over every one of your life choices? Once they have that power, you will never get it back.

If you want liars and thieves to have complete and utter control of your life-freedom from choice, you’ll be highly disappointed. After all, this is America!

© 2020 J. Mark Witters

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