Free Speech?

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Free Speech?


So, we live in a time of hypocrites who happily exploit the first amendment’s guarantee of Americans’ right to free speech for themselves, but not for dissenting views.  This is why I left all social media.  It’s nothing but a data-mining ruse.  All that matters is your information that they will gladly sell to the highest bidder.  Simple as that.  If you are superficial enough, you’ll be fine.  Keep your blinders on, live in your self-imposed plastic kingdom with adoring lemmings and your “jailers”  consent if you wish.  Not me.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) conveniently removes all responsibility from these social media organizations through self-defined censorship.  Their pockets are so deep from our money they can do as they please- lie, buy politicians, etc, etc, etc…  “It’s just the algorithm, not us”  is what they might as well say after accusing someone of “hate speech” on a conservative, Christian, or another view  that the algorithm picks up.  How convenient!

All About the Culture

This is all about the culture.  Nothing more, nothing less…  If you’re on the correct “side”, you can literally say or do anything.  If not, every word is parsed and manipulated to guarantee a pre-chosen outcome.  Look at the corrupt, lying media,  accuse the other side of what you are specifically doing yourself, turn up the volume, call it “truth”, and you’re good to go.  If not, obfuscate or lie your way out of it. “At this point (according to a politician who should be in jail for many crimes), what difference does it make?”  This is the ultimate battle between good and evil.

Walk Away

I chose to walk away from this madness and perversion.  I don’t need to participate in Facebook, YouTube, Linkedin, Google, etc.  if my views aren’t being  fairly and equally represented compared to views I personally abhor.  I’m not a member of any political party for this very reason.  If these platforms work for you, great!  They are not for me.

©2018 J. Mark Witters

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