Free Speech

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Free Speech

Free speech is protected in the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.  This is vital to our society.  Being an artist, one can see things all around you affecting your work.

The PC (politically correct) police are everywhere and will stop at nothing to reign in any view they disagree with.  If you run a social network or search engine, turn things over to your AI (artificial intelligence) algorithm, and it’ll clean up anything it can label “hate speech”, “racism”, “misogyny”, whatever…  YOU only have “free speech” if you share that platform’s views; if you don’t, you’re shouting in a barrel, suspended, or even banned.  

Frank Zappa

Frank Zappa was one of the great 20th century composers.  His work encompassed everything from symphonic to rock to jazz to experimental.  He was an equal-opportunity offender who poked fun  at everyone (including himself).

Zappa upset many people because he believed in free expression, as did many young people in the 1960’s.  Frank was my biggest musical influence because of his fearlessness.  Here is a great documentary on his work.

The man knew how to push your buttons so you might actually think about things.  What a concept!  Music is ultimately communication, and Frank Zappa could certainly communicate.  Listen to his work if you aren’t afraid to be challenged.  

Sadly, Frank Zappa would not be allowed a platform today because he would offend someone at any time, and the mob wouldn’t let him survive.  It is especially dangerous to have an active individual thought process.  Let the “Central Scrutinizer” do ALL your thinking…  NOT!  (see Joe’s Garage if you’re not easily offended).  It deals with the government criminalizing music!  Don’t laugh…  Remember disco?

Joe’s Garage IS a tough three album set to get through, but my favorite Zappa album remains “One Size Fits All“.

Frogs in a Pot

We have been like frogs in a pot of water, slowly bringing it to a boil.  No one realizes the water until it’s too late to hop out.  There is always a way to parse anything into anything so that it can fit your agenda.  You’ll never know until it happens, but they’ll eventually come for you, too when it’s politically expedient.

Whatever word or phrase that anyone finds offensive will ultimately go away.  Soon, books will be banned and the flow of information will be completely choked-off.  Your “handlers” will then decide what you should and shouldn’t see from then on. 

It’s being done as we speak.  Your freedom of  speech is on the line. 

Speak out!

©2018  J. Mark Witters

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