Culture War, Hypocrisy, Discovery

Culture War

We have had a culture war going on for decades and no one seems bothered by it.  If you are one who tends to go individually, good luck with that!  There is a race for the bottom of American culture to where it is non-existent in most cases.  Lots of safe, boring, compartmentalized music is  being released every day to a chorus of “so what” ‘s.  Cute, savvy, etc.,  but what message is being sent?  Music is the ultimate form of communication, after all.

I am in the culture war no-man’s land- Mid 60’s Straight White Conservative Christian Male who refuses labels as to music genre.  I like George Jones to Captain Beefheart. to Hound Dog Taylor, etc., etc…  I don’t play concerts.  The studio is my instrument.  Every day is fresh.  Isolating, but exhilarating!


I love hearing the hypocrisy of the least inclusive telling me to have an open mind.  Our society espouses high morality, yet lying, cheating, and outright theft are rewarded time and time again.

That’s not the America I grew up in.  We expected people to be honest and left to grow in each person’s own time and space.  We had freedom of speech and creativity flowed.

Today, the hypocritical politically correct slash, burn, censor, and shun all thought other than their own.  Degeneration into mobs seems to be the easy,  popular way to rule others’ lives.  Count me out.


Despite the negativity, I made a discovery- Dave Hole.  He’s an Australian blues guitarist who plays the most jaw-dropping slide guitar I’ve ever heard.  He plays with the slide on the index finger from over the top of the guitar neck when playing slide, then back around from the bottom to use the other three fingers.  You have to see it to believe it.  Check this page out:

There is always something you haven’t heard.  I, for one, am always looking.

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