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Bright Shiny Object

What we have here is a bright shiny object.  What, may you ask, is that?

Many have watched talent shows over the years.  America has seen programming such as “Original Amateur Hour“, “The Gong Show“, “Star Search“, “American Idol“,  “America’s Got Talent“,  etc., etc…  The contestant’s  task is convincing the panel that THEY are the latest bright shiny object.  It is a moment of instant, but fleeting gratification.  Now, they must prove themselves in the REAL world.

All About Communication

After all, it’s all about communication.  The message is what really matters.  The world is filled with amazing musicians, writers, singers, artists, etc., but a comparative precious few do anything meaningful with their God-given gifts.

It ultimately doesn’t matter how fast you can play scales and arpeggios,  how many chords you know,  or how many vocal triplets and gymnastics you fling around.  It always goes back to what’s in your heart and how THAT is communicated- the message.

Some of the best communication happened back in the early  days.  Sure, it was primitive in the music, delivery, and recording, but it was the guitar and the raw voice speaking directly to you.  Woody Guthrie, Leadbelly, early Bob Dylan are all prime examples.  People listened because a message was being delivered straight to them.  The vocals, playing, and recording may have been rough, but the message is what mattered.


Any artist cares about the legacy he/she leaves behind.  Now, if one is only driven by sales, not so much. There are countless pieces of million-selling garbage out there.  There are many gems, as well, but you generally need seek out the ones that speak to you personally.  The search is the real adventure.

As far as sales and even website traffic go, I am a dismal failure, but that’s not my goal. The learning curve is lurching upward.  It’s the journey, not the destination.

Good or bad, I’m building my legacy.

© 2018  J. Mark Witters

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