2020-Later That Year…

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2020-Later That Year…

“2020-Later That Year” is the second twenty-song Skyypilot collection released this year. I decided to remix some old material re-cut the vocals, and add some new compositions as well. Everything is different. The samples used are new and vastly improved, as are the audio plugins. It’s a whopping two and one-half hours of “off the beaten path” audio. The 5.99 price point makes it more affordable to the musically adventurous. What do you have to lose? Take a chance!

Hug, etc.

“2020-Later That Year” begins with the social distancing-inspired “Hug” and ends with my latest- the instrumental “Lone Stranger/Get It Together”. There’s plenty of conservative social commentary with “Government School”, “Things”, “Love Is All There Is”, and “Yes, I Can”. Yes, there are some long compositions, but there’s never a dull moment- short-attention span material. I’m easily bored! God, Country, and free speech are all covered, too. It’s all over the map-no genre shoe box.


There are free videos you can download of every song on Vimeo. Again, they too are off the beaten path. Here is “Lone Stranger/Get It Together”, the last song on the album:

Who I Am I?

So, who am I? I’m just a communicator. I’m flawed and aging, but I also know that God can use ordinary people like me to confound the powerful. Sure, there are many, many others who play, write, sing, produce, or edit better, but so what? No one is exactly like me. That’s the point. I’ve done this for almost fifty years. It still is a kick even for a small voice.

Since swimming against the current, rejection is the name of this game. Thing is-I don’t count on my art to eat. Artistic freedom is so hard to achieve, but like personal freedom, it is inconceivable wealth. Posturing counts for nothing, after all.

Give me truth and light every time.

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