What's In Your Heart?
                                                                                                                                           © 2013 J. Mark Witters

Searching for answers; looking for clues.
Drowning in tired words and yesterday's news.
Before the race is finished, there has to be a start.
What it all comes down is what's in your heart.

     Locked out, shut out, left out,
     Ran out, put out, kept out.
     Even from the eyes of a child, you cannot hide.
     Kicked out, blocked out, walled out,
     Forced out, chained out, fenced out.
     Open a forgiving heart unbound by pride.

Fill it up with pleasure, fill it up with pain.
Illuminate with sunshine, or flood it with rain.
Promise in the morning, or unyielding dark.
Life is full of choices, so what's in your heart?

One may choose to give, one may only take.
One may beg and wonders why he gets no break.
One might lust for power, one might strive for art.
What is really vital is what's in your heart.

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