© 2013 J. Mark Witters

Refrain -  Things I need;  things I don't....

Give me liberty, not the IRS.  
Give me my freedom from a tyrannical mess .
My privacy, not the NSA.
Respectfully treated instead of played.
Event file on the average man, situation's getting out of hand.

Give me self-defense, not gun control.
Give me civil rights, not a regulated soul.
Religious freedom, not a God-less state.
Our own uniqueness will not wait.
It's as if they've got nothing to do than persecute Christians and Jews.

Give me blind justice, not a screaming mob.  
Show me gratitude, not some worthless fob.
Give me truth, not Common Core.
Elected servants. not political whores.
Right is right, wrong is wrong.  Only honesty belongs.

Give me clarity, not a confusion-lined way.
Give me George Washington, not cold-blooded Che.
Give me my country; tell the UN to leave.
Send the Commies packing.  No patriot will grieve!
Mandate this, confiscate that, while the ruling class get fat.

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