Tea Song

© 2013    J. Mark Witters

One more penny, just one more cent.  It won't even make a dent,
That's what we're told we should believe,
Right before the thieves deceive.
A tax for this, a tax for that.  Tax for dogs-tax for cats.
Most are hidden, some are in your face.
All designed to put you in your place.

    Well, you have taxed enough already, spent until you're blind.
    Taxed enough already.  Don't think I don't mind.
    There's a limit to your power to regulate this land.
    I worship God and not the State, so just you understand.

Tax to redistribute wealth.  Tax your death, tax your health.
Pay, and pay, and pay, and pay, and pay.
There has got to be a better way.
Tax the day, tax the night.
Promote the wrong, but tax the right.
Pin the middle class against the wall.
Re-educate, or liquidate them all!

Taxed and we don't get a say.  Complain and they'll take you away.
Trying to squeeze the blood out of a rock.
One day soon we'll see true sticker shock.
Hasn't been a tax that they don't like.
Searching for ways they can out-psych.
Like a sponge, soaks you right up,
And all that's left behind's the empty cup.

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