Road Song

© 2016 J. Mark Witters                                                      

Life on the highway year after year. Skies might turn cloudy from clear.
Still, I go. I go.
Sea of humanity; of various means. Searching for something in anything, it seems.
Let it be. Let it be.
Nobody's right, no one is wrong. No answers here, so I won't hang long.
On my way. On my way.


Road song, endless asphalt, rolling along...
Road song... Someday it will be leading me home.

Although things change, they all stay the same. Faces are different, along with the names.
But we play. Yes, we play.
Long as We're booked, we take off again. Always new sights, maybe new friends.
You never know, never know.
Say what you will, I'm living my dreams. We have our own visions of whatever it means.
It's my life. Live your life.


Innocent diversion for a little while. First make them think, then make them smile.
And we do. Yes, we do.
Feed on the energy, then, it's returned. It's an experience long-ago learned.
It's true... Yes, it's true.
Sweet haze at twilight, the rhythm, the crowd. Meek to the boisterous. Humble to proud.
Reach them all... Reach them all...


End of an evening some won't forget. Some won't remember or register yet,
But it will. It will...
Lingering vibes last into dawn. Memories stay after we're gone.
May return. May return.
Mile after mile, day after day. The lure of adventure takes these gypsies away.
Again. Once again.

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