Only In America
©2012 J. Mark Witters

There’s a time you decide what is right and what is wrong.
Somewhere you must take a stand- time and space you belong.
Find a place you can keep warm from the next impending storm.
Only in America, free by God’s grace.

Activate, illuminate; elevate everyone!
Charity, flowing free. Pure intent, tempered tongue.
Occupy a better life.  Choose harmony over strife.
Realize we’re all in the human race.

Build upon solid rock.  Happiness is what you choose.
Fully awake every day.  Don’t be victim to their ruse.
Slavery’s a breath away.  You can make a change today.
Only in America, free by God’s grace.

World flies by, blink of an eye.  Appreciate your precious time.
May you have all you need, even if you don’t have a dime.
Goodness is a common thread.  Offer up a crust of bread.
Nothing’s quite like helping someone else.

Here and now, realize the consequence of all we do.
Get involved.  Jump right in.  Our unique talents should be used.
No longer forgotten men.  Liberty flies high again.
We only need the space to thrive naturally.

Leap outside your comfort zone.  Make bold strides towards who you are.
If you don’t care who gets mention, very well, you might go far.
No one always can be right.  It’s clearer in the morning light.
Only in America, free by God’s grace.

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