© 2002 Mark Witters

There's no one passage through the sky,
He's someone who's ready to fly.
More than just a little wild,
Heart of sage, eyes of child.

Of in the distance, you can hear the sound
Of impassioned chants on eroding ground.
Unafraid to take a dare,
Never worried, he doesn't care.

Lifestalker, breaks throught the wall of fire.
Believer in seeking soul's desire.

Defying the notion of limited time,
Surpassing boundaries, no frot on vine.
Ever-daring, determined to win.
Not afraid to start over again.

Half-past two in a vacant lot.
Shadows dance in twisted knots.
Spirits sing in soaring sound.
Drummers drum, though no one's around.orus)

Not your every mother's son,
Face-to-face with a loaded gun.
Calmly with a knowing grin
Understands where they have been.

Endless two-lane opal sky
Knowing he will never die,
He flies high, fast and free-
Relentless in his quest to be.

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