Money Comes, Money Goes
© 2008 Mark Witters

Money comes, money goes,
Slippin'  right away before anybody knows...
Seems like honest people can hardly make a buck;
The moneyed shrug their shoulders
while they gloat about their luck.
Gold in the Klondike is waiting to be found.
I just read in the paper that it's poppin' from the ground!

Money comes, money goes,
You make it and you lose it like the ocean's ebb and flow.
Life's for living larger, so I want another start.
Adventure's in my spirit; longing's in my heart.
There's gold in the Klondike, and it's another day.
Nothing left to lose,  I'll be on my way...

Money comes, money goes,
Hunger only deepens, fever ever-grows.
There's a far-off glimmer- how can I explain?
The streets are lined with dreamers
and I know each of their names.
Gold in the Klondike is waiting to be found:
Yes, it's in the paper!

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