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J. Mark Witters


A little instrumental....



J. Mark Witters


This song is for my Dad, John W. Witters, who passed Nov. 28, 2016.

I love you, Dad!



                                  © 2016 J. Mark Witters

Endless possibilities exist in everyone.
Tears, along with laughter, drudgery, and fun.
Life is oh, so precious; we yearn to be free...
Ribbons wrapped 'round stardust, God's gift to you and me.

Uncomplicated elegance, blessings every day.
Based in love beyond all measure, assured we'll never lose the way.
Disappointment turned to wonder- a celebration song!
Wordly treasures have no meaning. Holy Spirit carries on.

Pray for moments of clarity when we can forgive.
Faith, hope, charity, and the right to live.
Side-stepping the obstacles, destination known.
Enduring eternally; in the end, called home .

J. Mark Witters


Have no worries, you'll turn out like the rest...


Government School
© 2016 J. Mark Witters

Hybrid of a government school, fashioned into a useful tool.
Poked and prodded till, at last, conformed, even as I tried to escape the norm.
But, nestled in the center of my heart, the love of Jesus never will depart.

Languished in a government school. Fertile minds trained to be fools.
Seasoned with fear, propaganda-filled, after all originality killed.
Buried in the bellowing of the throngs, I dare to find a remnant of a song.

Graduated from a government school. Willing subjects ready to be ruled.
Useless information overflows; long for the truth only grows.
Central Planning, after all, knows best. Have no worries, you'll turn out like the rest.

J. Mark Witters


A little rock to start your day...


Other People's Money

© 2016 J. Mark Witters

Other people's money is what it's all about.
Other people's money makes them jump and shout.
There is no more honor in that den of thieves
than one would find in exile from what he believes.
Honesty and principles are nowhere to be found.
Everything's for sale. Hypocrisy abounds.

Other people's money-kid with a new toy.
No responsibilties, commitments always coy.
Regulate all aspects of our meager existence.
Delegate what matters and select faux-resistance.
Opulent ship of state run into the ground.
Corruption-made an art-form designed to confound.

Policy created never built on fact.
Reactive propaganda keeps free-thought hijacked.
Management through crisis is easier to force.
State full of bad actors never reveal the source.
Robbery in progress... One thing's not in doubt.
Other people's money eventually runs out.

J. Mark Witters


Road Song
                                          © 2016 J. Mark Witters
Life on the highway year after year. Skies might turn overcast from clear.
Still, I go. I go.
Sea of humanity; of various means. Searching for something in anything, it seems.
Let it be. Let it be.
Nobody's right, no one is wrong. No answers here, so I won't hang long.
On my way. On my way.
Refrain: Road song, endless asphalt, rolling along...
Road song... Someday it will be leading me home.
Although things change, they all stay the same. Faces are different, along with the names.
But we play. Yes, we play.
Long as We're booked, we take off again. Always new sights, maybe new friends.
You never know, never know.
Say what you will, I'm living my dreams. We have our own visions of whatever it means.
It's my life. Live your life.
Innocent diversion for a little while. First make them think, then make them smile.
And we do. Yes, we do.
Feed on the energy, then, it's returned. It's an experience long-ago learned.
It's true... Yes, it's true.
Sweet haze at twilight, the rhythm, the crowd. Meek to the boisterous. Humble to proud.
Reach them all... Reach them all...
End of an evening some won't forget. Some won't remember or register yet,
But it will. It will...
Lingering vibes last into dawn. Memories stay after we're gone.
May return. May return.
Mile after mile, day after day. The lure of adventure takes these gypsies away.
Again. Once again.

© 1969 R. Mosely


From the 1969 album Moby Grape '69, a great song on a great album.  Written by Bob Mosely. We are just giving it away :)


It's a Beautiful Day Today 

(© 1969 R. Mosley)

Dawn to dawn, a lifetime
The birds sing and days begin
The heavens shine from dawn to dusk
With golden rays of sun


People on their way
Beginning a brand new day
I love hearing people say
"It's a beautiful day today"

People in the streets
Rushin' everywhere
Movin' fast and how I know
They've got to get somewhere


From dawn to dawn, a lifetime
The birds sing and days begin
The heavens shine from dawn to dusk
With golden rays of sun


I love hearin' people say
"It's a beautiful day today"
I love hearin' people say
"It's a beautiful day today..."

J. Mark Witters


A look back...


Long View      © 2015 J. Mark Witters

Born upon this sphere of madness, in chaotic innocence.
Schooled to exacting standards, straddling the top of the fence.
Studied Jesus and forgiveness, went to church; learned the Golden Rule.
Gentleman and scholar were expected. Often times, you'd only see a fool.

Knocked about in playground mischief; tempered by kids' daily cruelty.
Drilled by domineering experts. Stripped of free thought by degree.
Shiny notes were played in wonder; words enthusiastically applied.
Solely toiling hour after hour in a no-win swim against the tide.

Coming to a fork in the river- the widely-travelled and the mainly-not.
Deciding on the one almost forgotten- experience that never could be bought.
With unwavering conviction, navigating straight ahead.
Never looking back, or even forward. Striving just to earn the daily bread.

Worldy eyes might show disapproval, but ask yourself, "What does it mean-
Lusting after an always-fleeting stardom, instead of happily persuing dreams?"
When accounts have all been settled; everything's all been said and done,
You bask in the glow of satisfaction, knowing you've become a man, my son!

J. Mark Witters


Yes, Virginia, it's waaay out there...  Audio mayhem at work :)  



J. Mark Witters


Short and to the point.


No Such Thing
© 2016 J. Mark Witters

No such thing as bad luck baby, it's all been a choice.
Don't give up all your freedom, extinguishing your voice.
Once the genie's left the bottle, you'll never put him back.
No such thing as bad luck baby, reality is fact.

Right before your eyes, almost hidden in the night.
Somewhere far away you can barely make out
A flickering candle still in sight.
Everything will be alright.

Wishin on a star... What a waste of time!
Came to my senses, and turned myself around.
Even though I'm down to my last dime,
Tomorrow, it all will be fine.

J. Mark Witters


Classic battle between good and evil.  Buckle up, buttercup.


 To The Light
                                                                                                           © 2015  J. Mark Witters

Classic battle between good and evil.  Staring at unsettling upheaval.
Social justice, climate change, regulation...  
Throw out all logic, you intolerant nation!
Strawman cameo distracts the crowd. Audio muted when we cry aloud.

Refrain:   To the light, day from night,
                 Won't surrender our God-given rights.
                 To the light, blind to sight,
                 Aspiration taking flight!

Don't subscribe to the UN agenda.  All that mail can be returned to sender.
Ban expression, freedom of religion.
No civil rights, just division.
Killing babies for the PC mob; looking for innocent they can rob.

Greed and power seem the motivation to enslave entire populations.
Not unlike lemmings jumping off the edge.
Accepting every bet is hedged.
Roped and branded, wooed, then cursed; forgetting that God comes first.

J. Mark Witters


Wrote it 33 years ago, now revisited with updated lyrics.


Tears Of Joy
                                         © 1983, 2016 J. Mark Witters

Once, I knew hurt and regret, but little did I suspect
That they could be destroyed;
Giving way to tears of joy.

Gradually, I unlearned fear; eventually, began to hear,
And, miraculously filled the void.
Since replaced with tears of joy.

How do we choose to react?
When will we not look back?
Forgiveness must always be deployed.
Praise the Lord!
Plowshares from swords...
Gratitude and tears of joy!

J. Mark Witters


                         Sometimes                       © 2015 J. Mark Witters

Sometimes, it's hard to talk.  Sometimes, it's hard to smile.
But sometimes, it all comes out just fine, and it all can be worthwhile.

Sometimes, it takes a child's laugh.  Sometimes, it takes a grown man's cry.
Sometimes can sometimes take a long, long time.  Sometimes, we never see it till we die.

Sometimes, we can't sit still, sometimes we cannot run.
Sometimes, a certain someone gets a hold on us.  Sometimes, that someone never comes.

Sometimes, we shout aloud; sometimes, we just keep still.
Sometimes, you don't know what to say.  Sometime, maybe you will.

Sometimes,  the sky is grey; sometimes the sky is blue.
Until your someday sometime comes, there's nothing you can do.

J. Mark Witters


Just a bit taken off the top of the original.


                           Never Again (Is Now)     ©2015 J. Mark Witters

Throughout world history it's never been a mystery what evil can do.
You've got undeniable proof that when you act upon the truth,
You're on the side of the Lord.
Will you serve your fellow man, break the mold and bow to the power Above.
Listen close with empathy, for life is an epiphany,
Grounded in His everlasting love.

Never again (is now)
Let hatred go. What do we know?
Look what we've grown.  It's what's been sown.

Each group taken one by one, then, assuredly, they'll come for you too.
Righting the injustices guarantees no comfort zone.
Everything to gain, nothing to lose.
We're the Black-Robed Regiment in Lexington, Concord Bridge, and Bunker Hill.
If genocide is happening what will you do to stop it, or do you even have the will?

Make God our guiding light, strike out on the darkest night to your destiny.
Honesty, integrity, humility, tenacity, and you're on the way to be free.
Put away the platitudes, the emptiness, the fickleness of thoughtless crowds.
Hold on to your principles, your guns, and your religion,
Family, and right to sing aloud.

Never again (is now)

J. Mark Witters


Never Again (Is Now)              ©2015 J. Mark Witters


Throughout world history it's never been a mystery what evil can do.
You've got undeniable proof that when you act upon the truth,
You're on the side of the Lord.
Will you serve your fellow man, break the mold and bow to the power Above?
Listen close with empathy, for life is an epiphany,
Grounded in His everlasting love.

Never again (is now)
Let hatred go. What do we know?
Look what we've grown.  It's what's been sown.

Each group taken one by one, then, assuredly, they'll come for you too.
Righting the injustices guarantees no comfort zone.
Everything to gain, nothing to lose.
We're the Black-Robed Regiment in Lexington, Concord Bridge, and Bunker Hill.
If genocide is happening what will you do to stop it, or do you even have the will?

Make God our guiding light, strike out on the darkest night to your destiny.
Honesty, integrity, humility, tenacity, and you're on the way to be free.
Put away the platitudes, the emptiness, the fickleness of thoughtless crowds.
Hold on to your principles, your guns, and your religion,
Family, and right to sing aloud.

Never again (is now)

J. Mark Witters


Truths and common sense...


                              © 2013 J. Mark Witters

-  Things I need;  things I don't....

Give me liberty, not the IRS.  
Give me my freedom from a tyrannical mess .
My privacy, not the NSA.
Respectfully treated instead of played.
Event file on the average man, situation's getting out of hand.

Give me self-defense, not gun control.
Give me civil rights, not a regulated soul.
Religious freedom, not a God-less state.
Our own uniqueness will not wait.
It's as if they've got nothing to do than persecute Christians and Jews.

Give me blind justice, not a screaming mob.  
Show me gratitude, not some worthless fob.
Give me truth, not Common Core.
Elected servants. not political whores.
Right is right, wrong is wrong.  Only honesty belongs.

Give me clarity, not a confusion-lined way.
Give me George Washington, not cold-blooded Che.
Give me my country; tell the UN to leave.
Send the Commies packing.  No patriot will grieve!
Mandate this, confiscate that, while the ruling class get fat.

J. Mark Witters


What's In Your Heart?
                                                                                                                                           © 2013 J. Mark Witters

Searching for answers; looking for clues.
Drowning in tired words and yesterday's news.
Before the race is finished, there has to be a start.
What it all comes down is what's in your heart.

     Locked out, shut out, left out,
     Ran out, put out, kept out.
     Even from the eyes of a child, you cannot hide.
     Kicked out, blocked out, walled out,
     Forced out, chained out, fenced out.
     Open a forgiving heart unbound by pride.

Fill it up with pleasure, fill it up with pain.
Illuminate with sunshine, or flood it with rain.
Promise in the morning, or unyielding dark.
Life is full of choices, so what's in your heart?

One may choose to give, one may only take.
One may beg and wonders why he gets no break.
One might lust for power, one might strive for art.
What is really vital is what's in your heart.

J. Mark Witters


Haves and  the Have-nots
                                              © 1985, 2015  J. Mark Witters

It's four in the morning, and almost no traffic;
Make my way slowly to my own private cell.
I wonder about this meager existence
From a third-story window of this battered hotel.

A middle-aged vagrant spins the wheel of misfortune.
He sits at a park bench with his head in his hands.
A destitute mother still has faith in Jesus.
In a world without mercy, nothing turns out as planned.

Silently longing for someone's attention,
I'm left in a corner like an old souvenir.
I've written my memoirs, but no one will read them.
This play's cast with soulless.  Nobody hears...

Haves and the have-nots are all at their harvest
To see what the what they each reap when the time is at hand.
The last will surpass the first they've long followed.
In a time without mercy, nothing turns out as planned.

J. Mark Witters


Drip...drip...drip... goes Benghazi...  Don't ever forget this undermining of our military and, potentially, our sovereignty.  This little ditty will help keep it in the wind tunnel of your mind.


Benghazi Boogie
                                                                                                   © 2013 J. Mark Witters
Sworn to lies; obscuring the facts.  That's how they all chose to act.
Deception is the name of the game,  but those  brave souls all had names.
We now know that they had been played,  and want the truth to be displayed.

Political ploys replace the truth.  The ruling class remains aloof.
Taking control of all they can.  Blindly forward is the plan.
While they deny, lie, cheat, and steal.  We only want an honest deal.

Stonewalled  at each and every turn.  There is so much more to learn.
Freedom is in jeopardy, some say,  "our humanity".
What went on that sad, long, dark night?  Who will come forth into the light?

J. Mark Witters


Unpredictable musical circus...


Elitist Conundrum
                                          © 2014 J. Mark Witters

Wake and pray each morning,  Pray and sleep each night.
In between, convince myself to not give up the fight.
Some may count on money,  others search for fame.
But His Word's all I will  need- forever and ever, the same.

Ominous forces might seem everywhere,
but there's a light piercing through, guiding me here to there.
No need to worry what the day will bring.
He watches over the sparrow, so to the Rock I cling.

It's a panopticon, fish in a bowl.
Wild social experiments' gotten out of control.
Elitist conundrum- what will they do
When they're not worshiped, or even held
In esteem by either me or you?

J. Mark Witters


Let's have a revolution of TRUTH!


Truth Revolution    
                                                                                     © 2014 J. Mark Witters         
Truth revolution,   no exclusion.  Strong premonition, anybody listenin'?           
Liars-in-charge, living so large. The crime of all time-take every dime.
Wordly gain, spiritual pain. Driven insane on the fruited plain.
Games of chance, the latest dance. Cast their fate to those who hate.

Truth revolution, perfect solution.  Individual salvation, or death of a nation.
Cerebral starvation, or self-celebration. Make the decision to end the division.
Deliberate action, self-satisfaction.  Celebate fury.  Judge and the jury.
Literate masses, no free passes.  Choose not to gaze through rose-colored glasses...

Truth revolution, trumps the confusion. Gross simulation, over salivation.
Get a grip on he who cracks the whip, right the ship, there's enough of us blips.
Fevered worker, not a shirker. Just a tool, someone's mule.
Rose above it, learned to love it.  Wound up so tight, but won't take flight.

Truth revolution, heals pollution. illumination of the intricate illustration.
Worldly power starts to sour.  Faith of a mustard seed is all you need.
Brand new day, lead the way.  Pray for wisdom, ask for vision.
Tides have turned. When will we learn?  Nightmare's done, walk don't

J. Mark Witters


                                                                                                       © 2014  J. Mark Witters
A puppy lumbered down our street some fifteen years ago.
What a joy he came to be, so little did we know.
Someone had abandoned him; my wife took him in.
Fed him, played some, turned him loose, and he came back again.

The sky seemed to be threatening, and it would soon pour rain.
I said, "If you bring him in, he might as well be named."
We called this puppy "Fidget", 'cause he could not sit still.
I've never seen one like him, and know I never will.

      Little bitty baby      Fidget-happy every day.          
      Little bitty baby       Fidget-life's a grand adventure... let's go out and play!

The months went by, we watched him grow and bound about the place.
Never caught a squirrel, but always would give chase.
He loved long walks and his "wild dog" run was unique as he.
Hopping 'round his "victim" and racing off with glee.

He nursed us back from illness;  always checking in.
Bringing true encouragement time and time again...
Even got a snakebite on Independence Day.
Charmed the vets an evening; then they sent him on his way.

            Little bitty baby Fidget-thriving in his prime.
            Little bitty baby Fidget- ever-moving onward; havin' ourselves a time!   

Slowly, Fidget felt his age, as we always do.
Longing to go for a walk, but knew those days were through.
His huge heart finally gave out; we had to say goodbye,
And as I sit here writing this, I can't help but cry.

             Little bitty baby Fidget in Heaven running free.
             Little bitty baby Fidget...We'll be reunited, just you wait and see!

J. Mark Witters
J. Mark Witters
J. Mark Witters


Give It To God

                       © 2014 J. Mark Witters

Don't   understand,  must be a reason,
Must be reason for what we face.
Don't understand,  must be a picture,
Much bigger picture no one can erase.
Don't understand,  must be a lesson,
Must be a lesson we can learn from Thee.
Lord, only You know the overall vision.
The perfect vision that we cannot see.

            Give it to God, just give it to God...

Don't understand, must be a treasure,
Must be a  treasure for which we fight.
Please understand that we must have ideals,
High ideals framed in pure light.
Don't understand, must be a lyric,
Some kind of lyric to give song form.
Don't understand, must be rhythm,
Some kind of rhythm, past the norm.

              Give it to God, just give it to God...

Don't understand political correctness,
Silent compliance and the loss of self.
Don't understand why we're micro-managed
By a few elitists who are stealing wealth.
Don't understand.  It's beyond comprehension,
Beyond comprehension what He truly does.
Don't understand 'cause it stretches forever-
Infinite scope of unfathomable love.


J. Mark Witters


Universal hope for all mankind...


Love, Peace, and Happiness
                                                                                  © 2014 J. Mark Witters

Why is it everything I always seem to sing is
Love, peace, and happiness?
Even in my solitude, determined every mood-
Love, peace, and happiness.
Someday seems a long ways away, as is yesterday.
Only listen to what you hear, three things always catch my ear-
Love, peace, and happiness.

Godspeed, if you believe; eventually, you'll find reprieve.
Love, peace, and happiness.
The inner child will never leave.  May your heart always be weaved with
Love, peace, and happiness.
Accept whoever you are, and you will travel far.
Have many enlightened years.  Avoid all the needless tears.
Love, peace, and happiness.



Taxation without representation...  Need I say more?


 Tea Song
                                                                                                       © 2013    J. Mark Witters
One more penny, just one more cent.  It won't even make a dent,
That's what we're told we should believe,
Right before the thieves deceive.
A tax for this, a tax for that.  Tax for dogs-tax for cats.
Most are hidden, some are in your face.
All designed to put you in your place.

    Well, you have taxed enough already, spent until you're blind.
    Taxed enough already.  Don't think I don't mind.
    There's a limit to your power to regulate this land.
    I worship God and not the State, so just you understand.

Tax to redistribute wealth.  Tax your death, tax your health.
Pay, and pay, and pay, and pay, and pay.
There has got to be a better way.
Tax the day, tax the night.
Promote the wrong, but tax the right.
Pin the middle class against the wall.
Re-educate, or liquidate them all!

Taxed and we don't get a say.  Complain and they'll take you away.
Trying to squeeze the blood out of a rock.
One day soon we'll see true sticker shock.
Hasn't been a tax that they don't like.
Searching for ways they can out-psych.
Like a sponge, soaks you right up,
And all that's left behind's the empty cup.

© 2011 Mark Witters
© 2011 Kerri Upton/ Mark Witters



                                                                  ©2010 Mark Witters


Clouds in the sky go sailing by in a sea of blue.

Some look like saucers, others like frogs, mountains, and kangaroos, too!

Some quickly scurrying, others are slow, some wispy ribbons, others bright bows.

Wrapping the planet, mixed in with the stars,

You may see clouds wherever you are.

You may see clouds wherever you are.


Clouds in the air haven’t a care- vivid kaleidoscope day.

Some allow sunshine, others hold rain. Who knows what might come your way?

They might be majestic, or they might be slight,

They might be dark, they might be light.

They might even stretch way out past Mars.

You may see clouds wherever you are.

You may see clouds wherever you are.


Clouds are old friends, the fun never ends, a pageant wild and free.

Imagine an easel in constant change on a non-stop spree!

Think of a character, or anything!

You’ll see it one day in a cloud and you’ll sing:

“We can conjure up things from afar;

We may see clouds wherever we are,

We may see clouds wherever we are!”

© 2011 Mark Witters


Really, I don't give too much thought to "composing" anything.  I find that the voyage is worth much more than the destination, so I just sit at my Finale "manuscript" and let the little dots flow.  I'll add guitars and bass along the way, and there you go...

© 2011 Mark Witters


        This song was written in memory of my friend Steve Collins.



                                           Wildwoods Troubadour

                                                                                        © 2011 Mark Witters


Just beyond the lollybumps, past the beaten track,

Built himself a sturdy stage and never once looked back.

A wondrous wildwoods troubadour walked upon this land.

Contagious smile, hearty laugh, and leader of the band.



                 Free and alive in the wind

Refrain:     Not drowned out in the din

                 Wildwoods troubadour serenades once again.


Songs of magic folklore rang out through his voice

Gatherings were blessed times, to play was his first choice.

He was his own technician, audio, and lights,

To be sure, if he was there, entertainment for the night!


He proudly played his Native flute and danced around the fire.

Drummers reached a fever pitch, with every soul inspired.

Rhythm made its spiral path to each and every heart.

High Priest of the Old Religion- Merry Meet, Merry Part…


Beltane at the Dragon Hills will sense him every year.

Through wisps of smoke and Irish mist a twelve-string still rings clear.

His every story still is heard, though he has moved on,

He’s now in the Summerland, his memory never gone.

© 2011 Mark Witters
© 2011 Mark Witters


A collection of cliches-what more can I say?



                                                                                    ©2011 Mark Witters


It is what it is at the end of the day.  All things being equal…  Take the easy way.

Talk to the hand, dog and pony show… There’s one for the books; you just never know.

Bend over backwards.  Beside the point. Maintain appearances, blow the joint.

Hook line and sinker, kiss and tell… Make hay while the sun shines.  Fare thee well.


         Been clichéd, night and day. Overwhelming my senses every which way.

         That one takes the cake, that’s what they say.

         The whole kit and cabooble is clichéd.


A happy camper, set the record straight. If it walks like a duck, it’ll take the bait.

That being said, mind over matter. Same ol’ same ol’, mad as a hatter.

Any day now, rollin’ in the dough.  Apples to apples, go with the flow

Once bitten, twice shy, all said and done.  Blast from the past,  why spoil the fun?







© 2011 Mark Witters


A fun little instrumental...

© 2011 Mark Witters


                           Down On B Street

                                                                     ©2010  Mark Witters


From this blessed night, I step into the site down on “B” Street.

I will write and play, just let come what may down on “B” Street.

No one’s there to hear, or whisper in my ear down on “B” Street.


    Singing every song,  dissonant, yet so true.

    The more I learn, the less I have a clue.


Self-absorbing air, not going anywhere down on “B” Street.

Don’t matter what I say, who listens anyway down on “B” Street?

Never in demand, all the best-laid plans fall down on “B” Street.


         Freedom’s everything. Every day is brand new.

         Each of us has a totally different view.


Blind insanity, false reality rules down on “B” Street.

Cutting through the haze, forget the latest craze down on “B” Street.

Remote in solitude, I hit on every mood down on “B” Street.


There’s no fever-pitch when cruising’ in a ditch down on “B” Street.

Expectation’s low, hey, what do I know down on “B” Street?

There’s one thing that’s true, disappointment’s due down on “B” Street.


In a distant place, my allotted space is down on “B” Street.

I’ve been low and high, but I’m a lucky guy down on “B” Street.

So obscure, there’s no cure down on “B” Street.


It takes all my might to shine this tiny light down on “B” Street.

Few will walk this path, even fewer last down on “B” Street.

Still, I wrote this tome inside my happy home down on “B” Street.

© 2011 Mark Witters


This is a song I made up to entertain my Grandson Jayme while changing his diaper:)  Granddaughter Ellie and Jayme open and close the tune!


                                      Baby, Oh Baby

                                                                                                  ©2010 Mark Witters



Baby, Oh Baby, whatcha gonna do today?

It’s a brand-new world, little boy or girl.  Whatcha gonna do today?

Baby, Oh Baby, whatcha gonna do today?

Have a happy time, sing a little rhyme.  Whatcha gonna do today?



Wake up, sunny daybreak.  Whatcha gonna do today?

How much fun can I make?  Whatcha gonna do today?

Busy bouncing up and down. Whatcha gonna do today?

Like a top, I’m spinning ‘round.  Whatcha gonna do today?





Playing with my dog and cat.  Whatcha gonna do today?

Rattling this and shaking that.  Whatcha gonna do today?

Look up at this great big place.  Whatcha gonna do today?

Putting on my smiley face.  Whatcha gonna do today?





Afternoon’s a perfect time.  Whatcha gonna do today?

To push and pull and fall and climb.  Whatcha gonna do today?

Pretty soon, I’ll get a snack.  Whatcha gonna do today?

Then I’ll nap right on my back.  Whatcha gonna do today?





Up again, there’s more to do.  Whatcha gonna do today?

More grins before the day is through.  Whatcha gonna do today?

Night will come, day will end.  Whatcha gonna do today?

I’ll, sleep & dream & do it all again.  Whatcha gonna do today?



© 2011 Mark Witters


This song celebrates God-given self-empowerment.  Right on!


                           Yes, I Can

                                                                                 © 2011 Mark Witters


I can see the face of Jesus.  Yes, I can-oh, yes, I can!

I can be useful in God’s Kingdom.  Yes, I can-oh, yes, I can!

I can love all those around me.  Yes, I can-oh, yes, I can!


I can see the light a-shining.  Yes, I can-oh, yes, I can!

I can shoulder any burden.  Yes, I can-oh, yes, I can!

I can live a life of plenty.  Yes, I can-oh, yes, I can!


I can make it to the finish.  Yes, I can-oh, yes, I can!

I can share eternal comfort.  Yes, I can-oh, yes, I can!

I can clothe myself with kindness.  Yes, I can-oh, yes, I can!


I can put my faith to action.  Yes, I can-oh, yes, I can!

I can choose determination.  Yes, I can-oh, yes, I can!

I can glorify my Savior.  Yes, I can-oh, yes, I can!

© 2011 Mark Witters
J. Mark Witters


Pledge of Allegiance proudly recited by Miss Ellie Upton.  A rollicking little instrumental...



Whatta country!  We still have choices worth fighting for.


                                                           Only In America
©2012 J. Mark Witters

There’s a time you decide what is right and what is wrong.
Somewhere you must take a stand- time and space you belong.
Find a place you can keep warm from the next impending storm.
Only in America, free by God’s grace.

Activate, illuminate; elevate everyone!
Charity, flowing free. Pure intent, tempered tongue.
Occupy a better life.  Choose harmony over strife.
Realize we’re all in the human race.

Build upon solid rock.  Happiness is what you choose.
Fully awake every day.  Don’t be victim to their ruse.
Slavery’s a breath away.  You can make a change today.
Only in America, free by God’s grace.

World flies by, blink of an eye.  Appreciate your precious time.
May you have all you need, even if you don’t have a dime.
Goodness is a common thread.  Offer up a crust of bread.
Nothing’s quite like helping someone else.

Here and now, realize the consequence of all we do.
Get involved.  Jump right in.  Our unique talents should be used.
No longer forgotten men.  Liberty flies high again.
We only need the space to thrive naturally.

Leap outside your comfort zone.  Make bold strides towards who you are.
If you don’t care who gets mention, very well, you might go far.
No one always can be right.  It’s clearer in the morning light.
Only in America, free by God’s grace.



Our one way out...  A prayer that will be answered.


Divine Providence

                     © 2012 Mark Witters

Oh Lord, please deliver us from all evil decay, and rust.

Divine Providence is my faith.  May my character be strong and straight.

Navigating  the digital age.  Lines of data litter  the stage.

Muddle through the daily grind.  Many dramas start to unwind.

Oh Lord, please heal our land.  It can’t be done without Your steady Hand.

Divine Providence is our light.  Incandescence in a velvet night.

Reflect insanity every way.  Same outcome, different day.

Steeped in lies, framed with rage.  Design décor in a separate cage.

Oh Lord, make a way when there is none.  May the wicked come all undone.

Divine Providence, things not seen.  All you have to do is believe.

Everything is possible now.   Walk the path and He’ll show you how.

He’s greater in you than the he of the world.  Let true freedom’s flag unfurl!

Oh Lord, I won’t fear.  You give me strength for all I need to do here.

Divine Providence is in my life.  He’s my refuge from tyranny and strife.

Seek His Word on everything; drink from His Abundant Spring.

He is good and He is just.    Trust in Him to  have enough.



Nothing fancy.  Me, a guitar, and some truth.


                      They'll Be Comin                 2013 J. Mark Witters
Well, the country I was born in, I can scarcely recognize.
The media are puppets, most complicit with the lies.
You can live the straight and narrow, but it matters not.
You're still treated like a criminal, then lined up and shot.

If you believe in Jesus, you'd best keep it to yourself.
The Government's  their religion; yours is put upon a shelf.
Contracts may or not be honored.  Left up strictly to their whim.
Crises are created, and the whirling dervish spins.

     They'll be comin' for your money, They'll be comin' for your guns.
     They'll be comin' for your freedom, cause they want you on the run.
     They'll be comin' for your husband, They'll be comin' for your wife.
     They have one hand on your children, and they demand your life.

Well, they treat the Constitution as though it were a rag.
Dancing madly backwards around a shredded flag.
Tyranny and privilege, ruler and the ruled.
All seeping into churches and permeating schools.

All people preaching "tolerance" are least tolerant of all.
Believe the useful lemmings, or they'll see to it you fall.
Misappropriation of power and control
Leaves the stench of corruption and a cavern for your soul. 



Natural God-given law.  American Individuality. Keep it!  Put this song out as an instrumental back in 2009, but thought I might hold back on the lyrics, but now I think, "Why?"


                           American Individuality
                                                                                                                  © 2009, 2012  J. Mark Witters
       Keep your American individuality.
Tax and spend, tax and spend.  When will this vicious cycle end
Lawless live inside those walls; cheaters roam the hallowed halls.
Need term limits so they will see what life is like for you and me.
We can handle it by ourselves, so stay away from "the man", and all his help.

"Divide and conquer" is their creed.  Only they know what you need.
Some say "religion", some say "race", but i'ts class controls they put in place.
They're elected to represent, but they're empty suits who pay no rent.
The Constitution's ripped to shreds.  Regulating with street cred.

Pass bills quickly in blind haste.  A real crisis can't go to waste.
Sanctimonious bloviators; preening political salivators.
It's just a contract, after all.  They'll decide your rise or fall.
Chastise under camera's light; hypocritical rulings in the stealth of night.

Centralize, scrutinize, proselytize, homogenize.
Incompetence rewarded well.  Non-achievers kiss and tell.
Suspect skulking in a hood, stealing for the greater good.
Let me pay a tax that's fair in a sovereign land, not in evil's lair.



I wrote this song twelve years ago, right after 9-11-2001.  Spent a long time in the music stack until I dug it out and did something with it...


Love Is All There Is

                                                                                                                                                       © 2002, 2012  J. Mark Witters


Cities are exploding, and acrid air prevails.
Legacy in harvest after years of pure neglect.
Concrete, twisted metal, and all they entail,
Illusions of hopes and dreams snuffed out for effect.

Almost eclipsed a moment, the torch comes roaring back.
Its flame shines out forever and warns a faithless beast.
Enemy approaches, one knows not from where.
Though violence may surround us, our hearts are home for peace.

Through the haze burns a steadfast light, piercing an unforgiving night.
Beyond the fear, way past the pain, and what you can’t control.
It’s a long, but enlightened road.  There’s no other way to go.
Joy and freedom deep inside-illuminate my soul!


Love is all there is.  There is only love.
Love Is all there is.  Remember- God is love!


Minutes left till midnight, edge of the unknown.
Vibration resonates throughout, uniting us as one.
Forget your problems, dare to live your life.
Celebrate the song of truth, laugh in the golden sun!

Toward a greater purpose, all your highest thoughts
Are visions of pure grandeur:  where you long to be.
Be still and listen, and it shall come to pass.
Let it flow forever from the river to the sea!

Through the haze burns a steadfast light, piercing an unforgiving night.
Beyond the fear, way past the pain, and what you can’t control.
It’s a long, but enlightened road.  There’s no other way to go.
Joy and freedom deep inside-illuminate my soul!



Written for our wonderful Grandchildren, of course.  A lot of love and a little advice...


                                       Always Remember (Never Forget)                                  
                                                                                                             ©2012 J. Mark Witters

Always remember, never forget- Grandma and Grandpa love you.
Go make today the best one yet.
May you realize the beauty of your dreams.
May you realize the beauty of your dreams.


 Life isn’t easy, freedom’s not free. Always be the best individual you can be.
 As you head hits your pillow and you’ve done all you can do,
 Rest assured, we’re always proud of you!

Hard work’s rewarded, if only in your mind. Learn how to give; always be kind.
Choose to be happy wherever you are.
In the darkest night, just reach out for the stars!

When you get lemons, make lemonade; in the blazing summer, hang in the shade.
Ask many questions, learn all you can.
Someday, it comes together, then you’ll understand.

Look over your shoulder; we’ll be there.  See you in heaven… Remember your prayers!
Don’t ever doubt, sure as the sky above.
Truth will always win, and God is Love!



Our Granddaughter Ellie inspired this when she was a baby.  I just made the title plural to include Jayme and Michael as well...


Little Ones' Lullabye

                                                                                                           © 2013 Mark Witters
Close your eyes, my little ones.
Drift off to that magic shore.
Snug and safe, wrapped up in love.
Sheltered from the tempest's roar.

Close your eyes, my little ones.
Float along in perfect dreams.
Nestled 'neath a silver moon.
Basking in its gentle beams.

Close yor eyes, my little ones.
Slumber morsels nourish you.
Fairies sprinkle twinkle dust.
Starway's path comes shining through.

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