© 2003 Mark Witters

Sirens screaming all through the night.
Headed where the neon’s not in sight.
Case of being instantly aware. 
Everything’s telling us to care.
I have peace of mind.
I’ve taken off the blinds.
Infused with passion of my art.
It comes pouring from the heart.

I choose liberty; I choose life.
Liberty  and life

Be within. Never be without.
Believe.  Never shall ye doubt.
Manifest plenty in a wondrous way.   
 Life in full.   Day by day.
What’s illusion;   what’s reality?
 You are you.   I am me.
Transformation to the highest thought.     
Finding things you’ve long sought.

Keep the sanctity of soul.       
Live the love you can’t control.
Celebrate uniqueness all around.   
Be assured, it will astound!
Embrace the blessing that you are.     
Soar amongst the many mystic stars.
Look to the spirit.   We are all one.       
Radiate  like the sun!


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