Green Man

 © 2006 Mark Witters
addl. lyrics © 2006  Jon Skoglund

Green Man richochets throught the fields,
Bouncing off the stones, mirth unconcealed.
Traipsing down a path, as yet, unknown.
Caution to the wind, the raven has flown..

Green Man, carefree and flying high.
Ambling through the clover, barely dry.
Striking weathered staff against the ground.
Piercing the stillness with his sound.

Green Man delirious, Green Man  mysterious.
Rollin' past the present, no regrets.
Green Man curious, Green Man furious.
Rushing to a future he'll forget.

Green Man appears along the sky.
mischievous, and never asking why.
Pummelin forth, crazy ablaze.
Burning up the uncertain haze.
I'm  the Green Man, baby,
I'm the Green Man, baby,
I'm the Green Man,baby,
I'm the Green Man, baby.

I am the earth beneath my feet,
I am the fire of your heart,
I am the life blood of the woods,
I am the howl of the wind!

I am everything,
You are everything,
We are everything,
and everything is me!

Can you feel my power?
Can you see my grace?
Feel my sexuality,
And my loving embrace?

I'm the Green Man, baby, yeah,
I'm the Green Man, baby,
I'm the Green Man, baby!


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