Divine Providence

                  © 2012 J. Mark Witters


Oh Lord, please deliver us from all evil decay, and rust.

Divine Providence is my faith.  May my character be strong and straight.

Navigating  the digital age.  Lines of data litter  the stage.

Muddle through the daily grind.  Many dramas start to unwind.


Oh Lord, please heal our land.  It can’t be done without Your steady Hand.

Divine Providence is our light.  Incandescence in a velvet night.

Reflect insanity every way.  Same outcome, different day.

Steeped in lies, framed with rage.  Design décor in a separate cage.


Oh Lord, make a way when there is none.  May the wicked come all undone.

Divine Providence, things not seen.  All you have to do is believe.

Everything is possible now.   Walk the path and He’ll show you how.

He’s greater in you than the he of the world.  Let true freedom’s flag unfurl!


Oh Lord, I won’t fear.  You give me strength for all I need to do here.

Divine Providence is in my life.  He’s my refuge from tyranny and strife.

Seek His Word on everything; drink from His Abundant Spring.

He is good and He is just.    Trust in Him to  have enough.

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