Dead Horse Trail
© 2008 Mark Witters

Out on the Dead Horse Trail, I saw what made me cry.
Horses split in half, men all wondering why
They would risk it, they would watch them
Tumble blindly down the hill.
And they drove them, systematically ground them into dust Against their will.

I'll go through early snows ahead of  all the rest,
And I'll not turn to beast when put hard to the test.
Some would break down as they fell
Along the way in a heap.
More kept coming, all the while cursing
While the snow blankets deep.

Out on the Dead Horse Trail.  I wonder where you are.
This is icy hell, this wishing on a  star.
If I look back, I might see myself in all the very best.
Just keep pressing; keep on guessing
What's beneath this bitter jest.

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