American Individuality
                                                                                 © 2013  J. Mark Witters

       Keep your American individuality.

Tax and spend, tax and spend.  When will this vicious cycle end
Lawless live inside those walls; cheaters roam the hallowed halls.
Need term limits so they will see what life is like for you and me.
We can handle it by ourselves, so stay away from "the man", and all his help.

"Divide and conquer" is their creed.  Only they know what you need.
Some say "religion", some say "race", but it's class controls they put in place.
They're elected to represent, but they're empty suits who pay no rent.
The Constitution's ripped to shreds.  Regulating with street cred.

Pass bills quickly in blind haste.  A real crisis can't go to waste.
Sanctimonious bloviators; preening political salivators.
It's just a contract, after all.  They'll decide your rise or fall.
Chastise under camera's light; hypocritical rulings in the stealth of night.

Centralize, scrutinize, proselytize, homogenize.
Incompetence rewarded well.  Non-achievers kiss and tell.
Suspect skulking in a hood, stealing for the greater good.
Let me pay a tax that's fair in a sovereign land, not in evil's lair.

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